Perdiguero de Burgos

Perdiguero de Burgos

The Perdiguero de Burgos is smart and learns easily, above all, tracking tasks.

The Perdiguero de Burgos (or Burgos Pointer) It is a breed of dog Spain. Originally from Castile, especially in the province of Burgos, this rustic breed goes hunting, and has exceptional characteristics for small game.

It is an ancient breed from the Castilian tableland, is widespread, and according to some familiar with the breed it is likely that you have participated in the creation of other breeds of hunting dog, not only Spain.

The truth is that lot of documented material that speaks of this breed there is. Veterinary geneticist, José Manuel Sanz rudder, several lines dedicated to the history of this race and a document that appears in a multitude of web, speaking of the origins and early history (Until 1911). You can read the complete material on the website of the Spanish Association of el Perro Perdiguero de Burgos. Here only let quoted that refers to the word “Perdiguero” and the different theories on the origin but very briefly…

“The word ‘Perdiguero‘ It occurs frequently in classical texts on venatoria and its reference corresponds to the generic Hunter dog of partridges, «perdicero» or «perdiguero», but can is assumed not lightly to be that dog a perdiguero de Burgos. In many current texts we read various theories about the origin of the breed. The more absolute confusion arises from a whole once analysed separately. The most common mistakes that demonstrate a poor work of research are as follows:

  • Associate the word pointer to the race Perdiguero de Burgos.
  • Believing that the pointers, as we speak the Spanish classics, they were Perdigueros Burgos and forget they were other races.
  • Define Perdiguero de Burgos as dogs that authors from Velázquez Goya have been reflected in numerous canvasses where breed hunting dogs.
  • Define incomprehensibly and lightly to Perdiguero de Burgos as the source of the English pointer, either in a display of patriotic enthusiasm, consider also as the father of all the European hounds”.

“The authors, as often happens, they cannot agree on the theories about origins of animals and while some assert the sample dog originates from Italy, others say that France or Spain (According to the nationality of the author) which they were born.

On the formation of the current dog Perdiguero Burgos news are null and void and we apply only the parameters that are studied to form a race, they are:

  • Time and place of training.
  • Genetic basis provided the race.
  • Adaptation to the environment in which is born.
  • Geographical isolation and inbreeding operated.

With regard to the first of them, not a breed created by man ex process are being, with measured doses of one or another blood, both the time and the place of training are uncertain. A race not be based in short periods of time and having no initial selection at a single point, can not think of that place of birth has been only a particular place” (Author: José Manuel Sanz rudder).

  • Otros nombres: Burgos Pointer / Spanish Pointer / Burgalese Pointer.

Physical characteristics

While the Perdiguero de Burgos, It is not as robust and defined muscular level, like its relative the English pointer, their appearance shows the strength of the race.

It has the ears long and the tail It tends to be cut one-third of its original length.

Its fur It has variants that can form different ranges within the basic color. The basic colors of the hair are the white and the liver. These colors mingle regularly, giving checked layers which tend to liver, hoary liver, mosqueados in liver and other various combinations, as predominant color liver or white and are white or more open or closed stains.

It tends to be a very common feature (Although non-binding layer), have a distinct white spot on the forehead and the ears always stained color homogeneous liver. The liver hairs can form such sharp well-defined spots, regularly distributed by the layer of the animal

Its the mantle is short, thick and soft. The hair is thinner in the head, ears and limbs.

The skin is elastic, but not printing, thick, abundant, pinkish spotless. All the Oris they will be Brown, never black.

The height males will of 62 a 67 cm and females 59 a 64 cm to the cross. Thinking of 25 a 30 kg.

It is an animal that as all, It requires a dose of daily exercise. A long walk, and a few races in the open air will keep you happy.

Character and skills

It is a very friendly and quiet dog, not afraid easily. It is smart and learns easily, especially in tracking work.

It is not a dog that adapts very well to urban environments.

It is used for small game (rabbits, hares, etc.).

It's perfect for hunting in any field (difficult to be), It has an enviable physical resistance and a high speed.

Perdiguero de Burgos is very appreciated by hunters seeking a rustic dog, hard in any terrain and type of hunting, obedient, strong and above all excellent winds and method of hunting, because of its tranquility and poise in the search, as to your sample and its impeccable collection.

Although used for small game pieces not dismisses pieces of hunting trail, in which he demonstrates great bravery.

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Dogs breeds: Perdiguero de Burgos

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