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Posted by tiadoc | 12 May 2011

- Swedish Elkhound


The Jamthund, also called Swedish Elkhound, It is a breed of dog of Spitz type of Northern Europe. Jämthund is an eponym of Jämtland, central province of Sweden.

This race, of similar appearance to the Wolf, It was recognized by the FCI from 1946, due to the intense work of Aksel Lindström and others. Prior to that, the Jamthund and Hunter of Norwegian Elkhound were seen as the same race.

Despite the short history in regards to the official recognition of the race, locals in Jämtland theories claim that the Jämthund have lived together with them since the end of the last ice age. The Jämthund, they have been used (and they are used) for hunting Moose and pull sledges.

The Jamthund has erect ears, medium long nose, Brown eyes and mantle of double hair with two colors. The eyes are brown. Its size is of 57 to 61 cm and his weight is of approximately 30 Kg.

Despite the calm and affectionate with the members of the family, the Jämthund can be a bit dominant with other dogs and has a strong instinct for dam. It is a very versatile dog, easy adaptation, You will be happy to go to a hunting trip and return home safely, There also will be at ease. It tends to take everything very calmly and not vistas with ease, This makes it an excellent companion dog.

The Jämthund is easy to train, It will become a happy student who loves to please its owner.

It should be socialized at an early age to avoid problems of dominance and territoriality, When you get to adulthood.

As with most breeds developed for hunting, the Jämthund requires a large amount of regular exercise to keep fit, both physically and mentally. He bored quickly if it stays inside for a long time and can be destructive.
Regular brushing is needed to keep the dense layer of hair. The bathroom should not be too often, that tends to dry the weather-resistant layer.

It is an excellent companion, fell, quiet, balanced and very affectionate.

Jamthund – Swedish Elkhound

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