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Andalusian Hound Maneto
España Not recognized by the FCI

The Andalusian Hound Maneto It is a dog of a single master, with this he will be very affectionate, but not sticky…




The Andalusian Hound Maneto It is an autochthonous breed from the south of Andalusia., of the Provinces of Cádiz and part of the border towns of the Province of Málaga with Cádiz, Although their highest concentration is found in the Campo de Gibraltar.

One of their ancestors is the Andalusian Hound, has medium-sized, possibly due to a genetic mutation known as basetismo or dwarfism, what gives the so characteristic shape to this breed.

As it is the case in almost all breeds of dog native Spanish, Andalusian Hound Maneto It is the name with which is popularly called by hunters and people who do know in the provinces of Cadiz and Malaga, places where this variety of the Andalusian Hound.

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Dogs breeds: Andalusian Hound Maneto

Physical characteristics

The Andalusian Hound Maneto it is a small-bodied dog, short legs, long and very compact, the members are short in relation to body length. Is strong structure, muscular and compact.

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The coat is short and smooth, bright and compact, covers the entire body equally and presents the same length in all body regions. They can be Tan, that goes from the clear range to the darker, as in gradient. Or white and cinnamon.

Its height to the cross is between 30 and 35 cm. (both males and females). Y, the weight, is of 9 to 11 Kg.

The dog Andalusian Hound Maneto because of its morphological structure, It has been used exclusively in the game, in special, the rabbit. It is specially adapted to the mount under Mediterranean with Bramble patches, streams and tight gorges.

One of its characteristics in hunting, is perseverance and willingness to, his body help, post that allows you to have access to complicated terrain of low and thick shrubs, area to which other native dogs of Andalusia, they couldn't even get in... For that reason, Historically, It has been used for the hunting of rabbits.

It is also very good bird Hunter, as Partridge and quail, as, as well, to collect the ducks in the water, It is a great collector in all areas of tight mount, the Aeneas and shrubs, in the water.

Character and skills

The Andalusian Hound Maneto It is a dog of a single master, with this it will be very affectionate and sought his affection and attention but not empalagar, and also- is very independent.

He is a confident dog., Moody, with a highly developed sense of “possession” What makes it to be highly territorial with other dogs, from very early ages.

It will be necessary to know Maneto very well and develop a strong bond of trust in order to assess his intelligence and bravery., both in hunting work and at home and in its role as a companion dog.

You would love to live in a home (will be adapted without problems), but you will always want to take a country walk to be able to show off their hunting instinct.

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  • RSCE – Group 5 Section 7 (Provisionally recognized)

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