Andalusian Hound
España Not recognized by the FCI

Podenco Andaluz

The Andalusian Hound It is a dog alive and well balanced character.



Native to the Andalusian region of southern Spain, It is believed that the Andalusian Hound probably descended from the European hunting dog. It had been speculated that it was one of the ancient races represented in the cave paintings of the Iberian Peninsula thousands of years ago., but recent genetic studies have made this theory unlikely.

This breed was not officially recognized in Spain until 1990, when a group of races was created. Due to the lack of distinctive unique characteristics and the similarities it shares with other dog breeds, in particular with him Portuguese Podengo, the Andalusian Hound is usually not recognized in its own right outside of its country of origin.

Traditionally used as hunting dogs, your senses of sight, hearing and smell have developed greatly over the years, and have the ability to withstand the hot and dry conditions of the arid landscape from which they originate. They are known to be successful and methodical hunters.. The Andalusian Hound smallest traditionally hunts hares or rabbits, while the larger variants can be used to hunt wild boar. They usually hunt in packs.

The race not is recognized by the FCI or by no other international Cynological Association given the large number of matches with the standard of the Portuguese Podengo, It causes doubt dealt or not, really, of different races.

Physical characteristics

As in the Portuguese Warren Hound, the Andalusian hound distinguishes three sizes and three types of hair, factors whose combination may cause up to nine different varieties.

Bearing in mind the size varieties are:

  • Great Andalusian Hound
  • Medium-Andalusian Hound
  • Small Andalusian Hound

If we consider the different types of hair, We have the following varieties:

  • Andalusian Hound hair Sardinia or hard.
  • Andalusian hound Solorio or long hair.
  • Andalusian Hound of smooth or short hair.

There is a variety derived from the short-haired medium Andalusian Podenco, which receives the name of Andalusian Hound Maneto, due to its short and sturdy legs, known in the field of cynology phenomenon as bassetismo, alluding to the Basset. At present the Andalusian Hound Maneto is provisionally accepted as a breed by the RSCE.

The basic color of the layer is white or cinnamon, either consisting of both colors. The white color exists in its variants silver, mate and ivory; and the cinnamon can vary from clear to cinnamon ignition.

With regard to the size and weight of the three varieties, below we specify:

Height to the cross:

  • Size large: males of 54 - 64 cm and females in 53 - 61 cm..
  • Size medium: males of 43 - 53 cm and females in 42 - 52 cm..
  • Small size: males of 35 - 42 cm and females 32 - 41 cm..


  • Size large: 27 kg. (+ – 6 kg).
  • Size medium: 16 kg. (+- 6 kg).
  • Small size: 8 kg. (+ – 3 kg).

The Andalusian Hound, is a harmonic dog, compact, very hardy and well poised.

Character and skills

The Andalusian Hound, has a great intelligence, nobility, sociability and is always alert. It is a dog alive and well balanced character, only reacts to major stimuli.

It is a dog fast, par b. Hunt, with an excellent sense of smell and very resistant to fatigue, not mannish before anything, It's quick and methodical in the search, both hunting and in a minor, being an excellent collector's hair or feather, whether in water or rough terrain.

The Andalusian Hound like the other podencos it has a highly developed sense of sight, hearing and smell what makes them good hunting in which the Rabbit Hunt refers.

The shakes of hunting practiced in the Centre and South of Spain the podencos form the core of the hounds (Group of hunting dogs, whose number ranges between 20 and 24), I tend to be composed by podencos bigger for harassment and by some units of medium-sized dogs of tip or search.

In the small game hunting used medium and girl varieties, either on an individual basis, in pairs or forming arcades (gang of hunting dogs).

One of the most typical functions of the Hound of large size, is that of mascaras, accompanying the colleras of greyhounds during the hunting of the Hare. Its work is, first, getting up and doing the rabona from your bed or hiding out, making it available to the greyhounds and, after finished the lance, remove the piece of the Greyhound to bring it to its owner.

In the Andalusian farmhouses of large size were used as dogs guardians and the girl size as cleaners of rodents.

It is very loving, submissive and fair with the owner, but it breaks that link to the unjust punishment. Also, It has a great capacity for training.

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  • RSCE – Group 5 Section 7 (Provisionally recognized)
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