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Pachón Navarro
España Not recognized by the FCI

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Pachón Navarro

The Pachón Navarro has a conspicuous split on the nose that is also called a 'double nose'.



The Pachón Navarro It is a Spanish breed of dog originating in Navarra, This is a sample dog used in small pen and hair game.

Scholars of the race, the popularity of this breed of dog reached its peak popularity in the pose, especially among the Spanish nobility in the 18th and 19th century. After the Spanish Civil War, the race was on the verge of extinction.

It was then, When a race enthusiasts decided to begin work on the recovery of the same. The first step was to travel the country and locate all the specimens of Pachón Navarro that had survived the social disaster.

That is why, the Pachón Navarro current is the product of the recovery through specimens from the Old Spanish Pointing Dog (Old Spanish Pointer), that is the theory maintained by classical authors during the last centuries.

In fact, Old dog sample Spanish, It is one of the seven breeds that appears as a show dog in the classification carried out by the Royal Canine Society of Spain., in the year 1911.

Within the documentation of its origins, Some theories suggest that the Pachón Navarro descends from the Talbot Hound and other hunting dogs., whose origin dates back to the 12th century.

Currently the Pachón Navarro, still in recovery phase.

Otros nombres: Old Spanish Pointer / Perdiguero Navarro / Pointer Navarro / Pachón de Victoria.

Dogs breeds: Pachón Navarro

Physical characteristics

It is a dog of robust body, rectangular, It has the large head and strong, square muzzle, the limbs are rather short, the trunk is cylindrical and its hair has a hard texture and a misaligned appearance.

It is a large size dog, weighs around 27-33 kilos and has a height the cross of 48 to 57 centimeters.

Pachón Navarro is a hunting dog whose most striking feature is one split in the truffle It is also called 'double nose'.

Apparently, that peculiar nose gives Pachón Navarro heightened olfactory sensitivity, being that one of the reasons why he was chosen as hunting dog.

Its hair short may be the color liver and white, or orange and white. The spots of the head and a large part of the layer are, generally, solid color.

While, in most of the specimens of the breed the short coat predominates, it is possible to find specimens with longer or “sedeño” fur.

Their ears they are long.

The Federation Cynologique Internationale, and the main Cinológicas federations in Europe, they do not recognize Pachón Navarro, as a race official.

Character and skills

Pachón Navarro is a dog Intelligent, quiet, docile. It is very sociable with both humans and other dogs.

Its largest state of happiness is in the field, there he will trot vigorously, giving gala of its wide resistance and its nature of Hunter. If plays his role as Hunter, will be an excellent companion.

Given your Hunter instinct, It is a dog that needs a lot of exercise., you will always have a torrent of energy that you need to expend, even running through the fields.

Anyway, It can adapt to the home life in very affectionate with his family although independent, and You will enjoy a lot being in the open air giving a few good rides.


You can find extensive information of the race in the web of the Pachón Spanish club.

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