Pastor Garafiano

Pastor Garafiano

The Pastor Garafiano It is a very docile and friendly dog.

The Pastor Garafiano is a breed of dog indigenous native to La Palma Canary, Canary Islands. The name receives it from the North of the island, specifically in the Garafía municipality, as the place where this race was more common, Despite the fact that copies are found throughout the island.

Pastor Garafiano has been linked from its origins to the grazing, activity for which shows special aptitude, Although it has nowadays gained great importance as a pet.

For some time, This race was on the edge of his disappearance due to miscegenation with other breeds of dog.

Successive crossings, especially from the age 60 20th century with other breeds of dogs pastors, They show the need to work for their recovery and selection from the exemplary few pure breed that retained the pastors of the island.

It's a differentiated canine population, originally from the region of Garafía, on the island of la Palma where was used by shepherds to raise herds of goats. Because of this, the animal performs very well in steep and rocky areas.

It has a very homogenous characteristics, Since only a functional selection has carried out. His main ability is the grazing of sheep and goats in steep terrain, the geographical characteristics of La Palma.

Its origin lies in pre-Hispanic times, While the crosses with other breeds after the conquest have contributed to the development of the Garafiano Pastor.

To avoid this disappearance was established the Working Group for the recovery of Pastor Garafiano, which would become in the Spanish Association of Pastor Garafiano dog, whose current President is Antonio Manuel Díaz Rodríguez.

Among the objectives of the Association is the development of census, Creating nuclei of reproduction, participation in exhibitions and fairs canine, etc.

Pastor Garafiano was officially recognized as a Spanish race in the year 2004, by the Royal Canine society of Spain.

Pastor Garafiano has been featured in samples of native races held in the Canary Islands, as well as in the international exhibitions held in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The Department of Ethnology of the Faculty of veterinary medicine University Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has carried out several studies on the race to, they were presented at the Symposium of native races held in Córdoba in March of 1992.

In the news, this breed is very abundant in the island and the future looks rosy due to the growing interest in these animals, not only by shepherds but also people who are looking for a pet.

Physical characteristics

His body is format Lupoid, mediolíneo or moderately longuilíneo, eumétrico, of medium-size to large, slightly higher than the cross grupa, rather short neck and small head on the body. Exemplary well care usually weigh between 28 and 35 kg males and 24 and 30 kg females.

These are the weights that antesandse gave, currently in the males is of 35 to 46 kg and females in 25 to 35 kg. The height to the cross males range between the 57 and 64 cm., While that in females 55 and 62 cm..

Currently these data have also changed still normal in males of 60 to 70 cm and females 55 to 65 cm..

Its head is conical, small in relation to the body, slightly convex front, What highlights by the introduction something separate and rear of the ears, that may have items or with a tendency to go forward.

They may also appear enhiestas, then noting a tendency to keep them folded before any stimulus, showing its inner face. Truffle always black. Oblique eyes, Brown macaroons, and something coming. Brief lips, collected. Bite in clamp. Soft and little pronounced stop.

The legs they are strong, good heaviness, Emphasizing the later by its proportions. Sometimes they have Spurs, that it often doubles and some implanted.

The layer is likens or alobada. The puppies are born Brown, color that changes to reach adults, appearing in some cases hair or white spots on the chest, fingers or tip of the tail, disappearing generally grow.

The hair is abundant and more or less long. Sometimes is smooth while in other cases it is rough. It tends to accumulate at the base of the ears, neck, skirts, tail and on the edges of the legs. The tail usually very populous hairs, bearing sword being slightly coiled, Although never on the back.

Character and skills

The character of Pastor Garafiano is docile and friendly.

When encounters strange shows a typical attitude of barking, folding of ears, movements of tail and spins on his head showing the corner of the mouth in the form of smile.

Is quiet and leisurely appearance although becomes very active while he carries out any type of physical activity.

You need exercise as well as all dogs.

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  • Otros nombres: Pastor de Garafia

Dogs breeds: Pastor Garafiano

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