Portuguese Water Dog
Portugal FCI 37

Perro de Agua Portugués

The Portuguese Water Dog It is little known, both Spain and the rest of Europe.

The Portuguese Water Dog (Portuguese Water Dog) It is a breed of dog of the Algarve, Portugal. They were used as working dogs by fishermen from time immemorial, but in the 20th century have become a rare breed.

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  • Otros nombres: Cão de água português / Portie / PWD / Water Dog / Portuguese Water Dog / Portugiesischer Wasserhund / Chien d’eau portugais.
  • Group 8 / Section 3 – Water Dogs.

Dogs breeds: Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog
Portugal FCI 37 - Water Dog

Cão de Água Português

The Portuguese Water Dog It is a kind and patient breed.


The Portuguese Water Dog (Portuguese Water Dog) It is a breed of dog of the Algarve, Portugal. They were used as working dogs by fishermen from time immemorial, but in the 20th century have become a rare breed.

While, the origins of the breed are somewhat obscure, What if one certainty is that the history of these dogs is very old.
A likely reference to the Portuguese Water Dog is found in the text of a monk, that in 1297 He described the rescue of a sailor by a dog with similar characteristics than the race hablamos… “long, black hair, cut up the first rib, and with a tuft at the tip of the tail“.

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Irish water dog
Irlanda FCI 124

Perro de Agua Irlandés

The Irish water dog She loves children and happily participates in their games.

The Irish water dog (Irish Water Spaniel), as its name suggests, It is a water dog and the largest and one of the oldest breeds of Spaniel dog. However, is one of the rarest, being known, times, as the “clown” of the Spaniel.

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  • Otros nombres: Whiptail / Shannon Spaniel / Rat Tail Spaniel / Bog Dog / Perro de Agua Irlandés / Spaniel de Agua Irlandés / Irish Water Spaniel / Irischer Wasserspaniel / Chien d’eau Irlandais.
  • Group 8 / Section 3 – Water Dogs.

Dogs breeds: Irish water dog

Frisian water dog
Holanda FCI 221

Perro de Agua Frisón

The Frisian water dog is - virtually- unknown outside the Netherlands.

The Frisian water dog (Wetterhound. CRF not. 221) It is a breed of dog originating in Holland of small mammals and waterfowl hunting. The name comes from the Frisian language Wetterhûn, that means water dog.

It is a size medium, between 55 and 59 cm., weighing between 25 and 35 kg. Its mantle is thick and curly except for ears, head and legs, where is softer and his touch is greasy, allowing him to repel water.

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  • Otros nombres: Wetterhound / Perro de aguas de Frisia / Spaniel holandés / Friesische Wasserhund / Frisian Water Dog / Chien d’eau frison.
  • Group 8 / Section 3 – Water Dogs.

Dogs breeds: Frisian water dog

Dog of water Spanish
España FCI 336

Perro de Agua Español

The Dog of water Spanish is a faithful dog, obedient, joyful, laborious, courageous and balanced


The Dog of water Spanish (Spanish Water Dog) It is a breed of dog originally from Spain, traditionally used as pastor, Assistant in boats and hunting. The breed was recognized by the Royal Canine society of Spain in 1985 and by the Federation Cynologique internationale in 1999.

Possibly, the earlier Turkish Andalusian or current dog of water Spanish, the main trunk and origin of almost all European water dogs sub-razas (Barbet, Water Spaniel - virtually extinct-, Portuguese Water Dog, Poodle, Lagotto Romagnolo, “Irish Water Spaniel“, Spaniel Dutch., the new dog Water Bay of Biscay…).

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American water dog
Estados Unidos FCI 301

Perro de Agua Americano

The American water dog always delivered to work, is obedient and easy to train.


The American water dog (or American Water Spaniel) It is a breed of dog originating in United States, little-known outside of North America.

American water dog is known since the middle of 1800, but the background of his true origin is a mystery. Most of the experts agreed that it was probably developed in the valleys of the Fox and Wolf rivers in Wisconsin.

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Francia FCI 105 - French water dog


The Barbet they prefer to be in the same room with the family at all times



The Barbet (Perro de Agua Francés) It is a French breed of dog of medium size water.

This dog of waters is a rare species. Almost everyone has heard of races as the Poodle, Griffon and the Bichon Frise … have you ever wondered where all these races come from?? Your answer is the following … all came from the Barbet, or as some known, the French water dog. Now, where does the French water dog come from?? Well, that is a question for which no one has a definite answer, but there are a lot of conjectures.

Some people say that the dog of the Barbet is a descendant of the original Griffon, others say it came from the Bergamasco they were brought from Asia, When was Europe invaded, others say that the Barbet came from North Africa, travelling through Spain to install on France, people say that, Although the French water dog is not the source of all water dogs, It is very likely that it was close to the original type.

The reality is that the Barbet has been in Europe for centuries, There are even writings about him, from the Elizabethan era describing the Barbet and the type of care necessary to keep your hair healthy.

Alternative names: Barbet / French Water Dog / Französischer Wasserhund

Group 8 / Section 3 – Water Dogs

Physical characteristics

Compact and robust, with good muscles and bones in relation to the volume of your body. The eyes are round, living with an expression that denotes intelligence.

Morphologically is classified as bracoide, head approaching the form primástica, with the wide snout at the same end than at the base and separated from the front by a depression or Groove very marked, gachas ears, long and hanging lips, with highlight of the higher above the level of the mandible.

The standard of the race measured between 58 and 65 cm for the male; and 52 a 61 cm for the female and a weight of between 17 and 28 kg . The barbet is the prototype of water dog with woolly hairs, long, curly. The accepted colors by the FCI they are pure black, brown, cervato, clear and grey cervato.

Character and skills

The Barbet was used as a water dog (as its name implies) was a great dog collector for hunting in marshy areas.

This dog has been used by farmers for grazing, but that's not all, This dog, the Barbet also frequented port areas to be friend and fellow sailors. A very versatile breed.

  • Personality Barbet It is accompanying, joyful, salty, obedient and intelligent. They are quick to learn and need training to obey. You are very kind with children, families and older people.

The Barbet prefer to be in the same room with the family at all times. They need daily exercise to keep your body and mental state in a healthy state.

The average lifespan of the Barbet is of 13 a 15 years, knowing some case that has come to live 19 years.

Images Barbet

Vídeos Barbet

Alternative names

    1. Barbet, French water dog (English).
    2. Barbet, chien d’eau français (French).
    3. Barbet, Französischer Wasserhund (German).
    4. Barbet, cão d’água francês (Portuguese).
    5. Barbet, Perro de aguas francés (Spanish).


– Grupo FCI 8, Section 3
– Recognized by the federations : FCI , ​CKC , UKC

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