Belgian Griffon

Grifón Belga

The Belgian Griffon (Griffon Belge) It is a race created in the past with crosses century of Affenpinscher, Yorkshire, Schnauzer dwarf and Carlino. It is estimated that race has stabilized at the end of the 19th century. In the Decade of 1890 was very popular in Brussels.

According to the standard range of small size must not exceed the 3 kg; the great must not exceed the 5 Kg. It is therefore a tiny dog, round head and convex front. The truffle is broad and black, a short snout with a beard and abundant whiskers as bristles. The lower jaw prominent and wide, moves rather than the higher being, Therefore, more outgoing than the upper lower teeth.

The eyes are large, round, dark. The right ears, cut tip. It has a strong neck and a deep chest. The tail amputated two-thirds, high carried. His hair is hard, abundant and messy.

The color can be black, black and tan, or mixed black and Red.

Due to the roundness of the skull of the puppies, females have difficulties in childbirth; for this reason it is often necessary to resort to caesarean section. The size of the litter often determines the scope of these complications.

Despite having a sour look, is a rather sweet dog, affectionate, obedient, trainable and lively. Being a dog of courtyard and stable, is great Hunter of mice, you are still the freedom of the forest and the Prado, but it is considered a pleasant companion dog.

You don't have much sympathy for children.

Belgian Griffon

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