Sussex Spaniel

Sussex Spaniel

The Sussex Spaniel It is a breed of dog that belongs to the family of the Spaniel, and within this, to the section 7 in the classification of the FCI.

This Spaniel presents a strong and voluminous morphology. Large skull with a well pronounced stop, powerful muzzle with bite in scissors. Wide ears, falls and lobed and can sometimes present a distinctive Golden tone that sets apart them from the rest of the body. With a moderately long and slightly arched neck; in some cases it will present a double chin that must not be too large or pendant.

Forelimbs shorter and more robust of thick elbows and shoulders implanted low. Trunk almost to ground level and lengthened. slightly shorter than the previous hindlimbs, but just as muscular and strong. Abundant fur, smooth, lustrous and silky; with a sublayer that plays very well the role of thermal insulation. This is a race of one color is liver, but that gold at the tips of the fur is becoming.

In terms of ideal size you could say it is between 36 - 41 cm in males and 33 - 36 in females. And if we talk about weight not exceeding the 21 kg. One of the features that differentiate this breed is its peculiar form of walk, that is almost like a rocking.

As you can presuppose its look is a jumble and good-natured dog, It does not present problems with the smallest of the House while respecting. It is also notable for the efforts, the dedication and energy with which performs the activities entrusted to him.

This race, recognized since the 17TH century, was used for the hunting of partridges and pheasants in the Sussex County (England). Due to its geographic isolation and to publicize the race was presented to the public in London in the year 1862, Although it was not recognized until the year 1895. In subsequent decades created the Sussex Spaniel Association It produces a detailed description of the race.

Years later he was on the verge of extinction due to the first and second world war, but it was by American breeders, that he carried out a great selection (introduced in the blood of the Clumber Spaniel He conferred upon him the orondo and plump appearance that currently has, because before it was lighter aspect), that he could survive and won great fame in U.S. territory, where from then on there was more Sussex than in their country of origin.

It is said that today is one of the rarest breeds of Spaniel that exist.

Dogs breeds: Sussex Spaniel

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