Bergamasco – Bergamasco Shepherd
Italia FCI 194 . Sheepdogs

Pastor Bergamasco It is never aggressive despite the fact that it is a good guardian of the House




The Bergamasco It is a breed of dog originating in the Italian Alps, used as a herding dog. Its appearance recalls to the of the Komondor (perro húngaro).

This breed comes from contact with dogs of nomadic shepherds and their flocks that came from East to West. The Pastor's Ancestors Bergamasco se encuentran en la zona de los Alpes una zona ideal para desplegar sus características.

Since 1300 se determina el uso de estos perros pastoreando rebaños de ovejas típicas de Bergamo. In the four centuries that followed, The Shepherd Bergamasco, se ha incrementado con la expansión de la ganadería ovina. After 1700, However, After a gradual reduction of the pastoral activity, This race began to decrease its population, to almost extinction during the two world wars.

In 1890 the race continues calling “mountain dog” and, in 1949 la se funda la compañía de amantes del Pastor Bergamasco. A few years later, Finally formalized the name: Bergamasco.

Physical characteristics

The tail is thick and strong at the base, Tuning towards the tip. Is covered with hard hair slightly wavy. Allowed colors are all shades of black (not bright), even with grey spots. El color deberá determinarse a partir de la raíz del cabello, because the part of Tufts often form different tones.

The coat is very abundant, long, wavy, rough texture (goat) at the front of the trunk, of wool (sheep) the other half, less hard in the head.

The eyes are large, more or less dark, with eyelids slightly oval. The ears are upright, pero caen en los dos últimos tercios. The length of the muzzle is equal to the skull. En su conjunto es grande y con forma de paralelepípedo. The skull is wide and slightly convex between the ears. Feet are oval-shaped, with toes well arched and closed.

Did you know??

The mat coat of the Bergamasco es para protegerlo del mal tiempo y de los depredadores que podría tener que ahuyentar en defensa de su rebaño.

Character and skills

He has a temper, obedient and responsive, is a very versatile dog, their ability to learn and to decide, along with the inborn patience, make it a dog suitable for various uses. The family is identified as his flock, and to be a sheep dog, likes to keep everyone together. It will always be aware of the Group.

It is a great companion, for adults and children, to those who consider their puppies (the weak family part), and you care them with much more attention. It is very Protector, but nothing possessive. It is never aggressive despite the fact that it is a good guardian of the House, effective to deter, but not to be dangerous.


As a recommendation, It is important to care for their fur because they are many knots, and so it is good to styling it with the hands to untangle. We recommend bathing but let it dry in the Sun. It has one of the robes that needs less maintenance, to weights of appearances.

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Type and recognitions:

  • Group 1: Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs).
  • Section 1: Sheepdogs.. Without working trial..


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FCI breed standard "Bergamasco – Bergamasco Shepherd"

FCIFCI - Bergamasco – Bergamasco Shepherd

Alternative names:

    1. Bergamasco Shepherd Dog, Bergamasco Sheepdog, Bergamasco (English).
    2. Cane da pastore bergamasco (French).
    3. Cane da pastore Bergamasco (German).
    4. (em italiano: Cane de pastore Bergamasco) (Portuguese).
    5. Pastor de Bergamasco (español).
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