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Boykin Spaniel
USA Not recognized by the FCI

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The Boykin Spaniel It is easy to train and has always wanted to work

Boykin Spaniel


Characteristics "Boykin Spaniel"

Coexistence is important that you have with your new friend. Before considering the acquisition of a dog of the breed "Boykin Spaniel" you know certain factors. Not all breeds of dogs are apt to live in an apartment, you must take into account his character, their need for exercise, their interaction with other pets, their care and if you have small children, their level of tolerance towards them.

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The Boykin Spaniel (Caniche de Pantano or Little Brown Dog) It is a breed of dog of medium size, which was bred as a spaniel for hunting wild turkeys in the swamp of the Wateree River in South Carolina, United States. It is the official dog of the State of South Carolina.

The Boykin Spaniel descends from hunting dogs bred in the century 20 in South Carolina, EE.UU. The dogs had to be small enough to ride in the small boats used by hunters in the swamps., was that, L. Whitaker Boykin (1861-1932) experimented with different crosses races, and the dog resulting was the Boykin Spaniel, It is named.
Legend has it that Boykin began his breeding program with a dog named ” Dumpy “, a friend of Boykin was found in the streets and in the development of the race it is presumed that they were used for the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Springer Spaniel, the Cocker Spaniel, and the American Water Spaniel.

The area in which L. Whitaker Boykin had his kennel was around Camden, South Carolina, a tourist area, This led to his race was observed by tourists who began to buy copies and little by little the Boykin Spaniel breed was divided by United States.

The Society of Boykin Spaniel (BSS) was created in 1977 and began to keep a genealogical record in 1979. The el Spaniel was recognized by the United Kennel Club in 1985.

In the year 1990 a group of fans formed the Club of Boykin Spaniel and the Boykin Spaniel Breeders Association of America in order to achieve breed recognition by the AKC and to gain access to spaniel hunting trials. That was the first Boykin Spaniel organization to form and maintain a “Code of Ethics”. In 2007, Headquarters of the Association of breeders of Boykin Spaniel in the United States it was recognized by the AKC as the official Canine Club of the breed. In December of 2009 the Boykin Spaniel officially became an AKC registered breed.

The society Boykin Spaniel has a Code of Ethics for breeders, and sponsor events of trials of field and copies of this breed rescue. In addition to the AKC is also recognized by many Canine Clubs of minor or canine records companies, and in all entities it is promoted as a rare species of pet. But at the present time, the Boykin Spaniel is becoming one of the breeds Spaniel most common in the United States.

Did you know??

The fame of Boykin Spaniel is that it is the official dog of the state of South Carolina, a title conferred on him 1984.

Physical characteristics

The Boykin Spaniel It, slightly, largest that the English Cocker Spaniel, and much heavier due to his wide body. The height at the cross for the males is of 39,4 to 45,7 cm and weigh in 13,6 to 18,2 kg. Females are smaller than, measuring of 35,6 to 40,6 cm. to the cross and weigh in 11,4 to 15,9 kg. Although against the original form and function of the breed, some breeders have carried out trials in order to increase their size so that they are more competitive against other breeds Retriever. Buyers should be aware of the magnitude and the weight in the pedigree of the puppies before choosing a breeder if the size is a factor in the choice of your dog.

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Traditionally, his tail was cut three days after birth, leaving 1/3 its length, but these practices are already prohibited in many countries.

The eyes are bright and attractive. Color varies from bright gold to a dark amber color. The puppies are born with bluish eyes and little by little they take on the characteristic amber color of the breed..

The color of the layer is formed by different shades of Brown, which can range from liver color to chocolate. Within this range, any color is admitted.

The Boykin Spaniel, It is a dog of water which was raised to adapt to the moderate climate of Southeast United States, but his layer varies quite a bit due to the number of ancestors he has… Coat length and density varies widely due to the variety of breeds that make up the Boykin Spaniel's history., for that reason, any type of layer is acceptable, still some of them is very curly as the American Water Spaniel and others with very smooth fur as the Field Spaniel. The length is usually of 2.5 to 5.8 cm around the body. In addition all have fringes in the ears, chest and hind legs, where the density and hair length can vary. While the color of the layer is composed of various shades of Brown, It is possible that the dog a colorless Golden tone for the Red Sun above all in the ears and should not be penalized, If stands for competitions.

The maintenance of the mantle Boykin Spaniel is minimal, you just need brushing it often, and there are few and isolated hair cuts, light shaping around the head and topline is enough. Some people let their ear hair grow quite long and that gives the feeling that they are wearing a bun like the Setter Llewellin. To the Boykin Spaniel that are used for hunting or that live in the field, often cropped them hair in the area of the belly and a little the skirt and should not be penalized, provided the proper length is maintained to protect the skin. Shave that area is somewhat improper because it can cause some layers of growth with excessive bleaching, discoloration or grayscale. Y, it could also damage the dog's skin, post your protection.

The Boykin Spaniel he is a versatile hunter, working like a dog water and as a Hunter of mountain which can be hunted birds in flight, although that is not the style of hunting Boykin. They can be used in driving deer or in tracking and monitoring of dams of wounds. Its small size makes them easy to carry in a canoe or a small boat, often described as "the dog that doesn't rock the boat". The Boykin Sleepingl is recognized by the AKC.


While the Boykin Spaniel he is a dog in good health, There are common conditions with all breeds of water dogs and Retriever, they can suffer.

The Boykin Spaniel has a probability of 37% born with hip dysplasia, according to the statistics of 2006. The disease is usually detected in the from 2 years of age. All breeders of dogs Boykin Spaniel must receive an evaluation and certification from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), one of the steps of the assessment is done through x-ray only to the 4 months of age the puppy.

The breed also has a high incidence of eye problems and dislocation of patella. Skin and hair problems exist and may be associated with disorders of the thyroid or endocrine. The Cushing's disease and the Hypothyroidism are known in the breed.

The Exercise-Induced Collapse (EIC) is a neuromuscular disease, that applies to the Labrador Retriever and closely related breeds, como ser el Chesapeake Bay Retriever y Curly Coated Retriever. In the year 2010 a research group led by Professor James Mickelson, Minnesota has been found responsible for mutation in the gene DNM1. In the same year, the research team in collaboration with the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation, identified in the breed Boykin Spaniel due to the presence of Exercise-Induced Collapse is several of its specimens that, they were recorded in the OFA database.

At such news, members of the Canine Club Boykin Spaniel, They claimed a serious study of the race which resulted to 56% of the copies of Boykin Sleepingl studied had one or two copies of the gene that causes EIC. It was a devastating result because found is surprisingly high, the highest of all the races in which is currently studying for the disease.

The first symptoms of Exercise-Induced Collapse (EIC) they are alterations in the March of the animal, rigidity in the limbs and tumbler screening walk. Sick animals show muscle weakness, and collapse to the 5-15 minutes after exercise. It is a disease which can go unnoticed stay for years if the animal is not subject to strong efforts or high stress.

A DNA test allows for the direct detection of the mutation responsible for. DNA analysis is independent of age of the animal and can be in puppies. Not only is it possible to differentiate between animals that have or not the mutation, but those healthy animals carriers may also be detected, what is of great importance for breeding.

According to the Code of Ethics of the Club of Boykin Spaniel and the Breeders Association Boykin Spaniel In America, all breeders of race must be subjected to their litter to tests that detect possible problems of hips, hereditary eye disease, of heart, as well as for other diseases that may have a genetic component, such as allergies, elbow dysplasia, dislocation of patella, and the presence of the gene responsible for the EIC.

The OFA and the AKC have an extensive database called CHIC (Canine Health Information Center). To obtain a CHIC number, dogs must undergo an annual “CERF” test that screens their eyes, problems of patellar dislocation, and proof of hip dysplasia. The owners of the dogs must be in accordance with the publication of the results in the CERF in the OFA databases.

There are also optional heart and blood tests. elbow dysplasia. A CHIC certification does not mean that the dog has passed their evaluations and does not have any disease, but it is simply an indication that the owner checks the health problems that his Boykin Spaniel, or race that is.

Testing and responsible husbandry can reduce the incidence of these problems, and purchasers of puppies, for added security, they should request these test results.

The Orthopedic Foundation for animals has been evaluated to 157 dog breeds between January of 1974 until December of 2009. The Boykin Spaniel is the thirteenth race worse rated for hip dysplasia by presenting a 34,8% of the affected copiess.

Character and skills

The Boykin Spaniel he is a friendly and sociable dog that thrives happily in a family environment with lots of outdoor activities. It is easy to train and has always wanted to work. Is very stable and loving children and other dogs. Can sometimes be described as very energetic and with great stamina that lasts all day. They are highly adaptable to different environments, as long as they enjoy social interaction and plenty of time to burn off excess energy. This dog is very good with children, and with other dogs, they did not get angry easily and tend to be eager to please and love to their owners.

As with all dogs, the “Boykin Spaniel” they require daily exercise and regular care. As we said above, the cut of the layer on a regular basis is recommended especially if the dog is in the field, as the fur is soft it picks up Fox tails, Brambles and whole skewer it finds in its path. Y, Remember brushing it often to avoid the entanglements in long hair.

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Type and recognitions:

  • Not recognized by the FCI
  • Federations: AKC , ANKC , UKC

Alternative names:

1. Boykin, Swamp Poodle, LBD (Little Brown Dog) (English).
2. Boykin Spaniel (French).
3. Boykin Spaniel (German).
4. Boykin spaniel (Portuguese).
5. Boykin Spaniel (español).

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