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Posted by tiadoc | 14 May 2011

Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier

Kerry Blue Terrier, is a breed of dog, that originated in Kerry, Ireland. There is no literary references in this race until the 19th century and their ancestors are apparently the same as the Irish Terrier, only that the Kerry blue, It has been protected to maintain the purity of race, but to discover his skills as a combat dog, crosses were carried out with the Bedlington Terrier, who inherited the texture and appearance of the fur and with the Bull Terrier, resulting in a courageous and determined dog.

According to other authors, the ancestors of this breed arrived on the island, surviving a shipwreck of a vessel in the Tralee Bay at the end of the 18th century, and they mixed with local Terrier to produce a blue cloak dog, with the appearance and temperament of the Terrier.

Another hypothesis suggests that the breed came to Ireland in 1588 with the Spanish Navy ships.

In 1920 This race was a big boom in Ireland, represented the 25 percent of all the Irish Kennel Club records in 1924, became the mascot of Irish patriots who sought independence from England. American fans have to race for the first time in Westminster in 1922.

This race was used by England during the second world war to detect the enemy, pelage served as camouflage. It has also been used for hunting Badgers and foxes, and, also of otters, as it is an excellent swimmer.

It is a medium-sized dog, measures of 46 to 49 cm and his weight is of 15 to 20 Kg. It has small ears in proportion to the head, in forms v and carries bent downwards. Their coat is wavy, bright soft and in comparison with other Terrier. The color can be any shade of blue and is somewhat darker in the ears. They are born black and this will clarify, prior to the 18 months of age.

It is a strong-willed dog, becoming quite dominant, are brave and clever. Very easy to train, and affectionate with its family. Like all dogs, need daily walks.

Kerry Blue Terrier

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