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Blue Lacy
Estados Unidos Not recognized by the FCI

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Blue Lacy

The Blue Lacy, they are strong and fast, Lightweight and proportional structure


Characteristics "Blue Lacy"

Coexistence is important that you have with your new friend. Before considering the acquisition of a dog of the breed ““ you know certain factors. Not all breeds of dogs are apt to live in an apartment, you must take into account his character, their need for exercise, their interaction with other pets, their care and if you have small children, their level of tolerance towards them.

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Blue Lacy history

Blue Lacy It is a breed of working dog that originated in Texas (United States) in the mid-19th century, and it is the only breed of dog that has its origin in the State of Texas.

The breed was recognized for the first time in the year 2001 by the Texas Senate, according to Resolution No. 436 of the 77 Legislature, in which honoured the breed to be recognized as “a true breed of Texas”. In June of 2005, Governor Rick Perry signed the legislation that adopts the dog Blue Lacy as “Official dog of the State of Texas“. Until then, the mascot representing Texas was a female of breed Collie, always named with the name Diana, to approve the Blue Lacy as official dog of Texas, the queen was a representative Collie called… Diana VII.

As the story tells, this dog is named “Blue Lacy”, Thanks to the Lacy brothers (Frank, George, Ewin and Harry) that in 1858 they moved from Kentucky to Texas and settled in the Burnet County (Texas), and once there they developed the breed from a dog they had.

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For the breed to reach all the eyes and ears of the population, many people proposed a copy of Blue Lacy, in 2008, to replace Dianand VII (Collie), as the mascot of Texas. But… tradition weighed more than Texan pride, and, eventually chose a Collie dog (something that had been happening since the nomination of the dog Diana III).

The mascot of the Lacy family, was a crossroads of English Shepherd with Greyhound and Wolf, that's how they defined it. In the existing documentation, scholars of the race raised within the ancestors of Blue Lacy, there was also room for a Hound (without specifying origin...).

The Lacy brothers, originally developed the race with a clear objective, they needed a dog that would be capable of guiding their farm pigs, a dog with natural instincts of grazing, but above all to work with the pigs they reared, and at the same time they serve for hunting feral pigs (You can this ingredient to explain blood hound that lead).

Physical Characteristics Blue Lacy

The Blue Lacy, they are strong and fast, Lightweight and proportional relationship structure altura-peso. The height to the cross is between 46 to 53 cm.. Depending on the height and working conditions, the weight must be of approximately 11 to 20 kg for females and 16 to 23 kg for males, According to the National Canine Association (or American Kennel Club). The rules contained in the standard of Texas are slightly different, the height must be of 46 to 63 cm and the weight of 14 to 23 kg, but that standard was not official until the year 2005.

    While his name invites that are blue, There are three varieties of colour allowed:
  • The blues, you have the layer composed of different shades of grey silver interspersed with dark charcoal, designed and gradient.
  • The Red, whose fur ranges from cream-coloured light to oxide.
  • The Tricolor It combines the two previous colors, as for example, a blue base accompanied by different red markings, but interspersed. O, they are red with a soft blue shading. This variety of color, It includes the target must appear in the chest and may extend from the Chin to groin. It must also be present in one or more legs. Excess white does not conform to the standard, and markings on the face or above the midline, they are a round lack.

The Blue Lacy, you have eyes sharp and eyes alert, variable color ranging from bright yellow to brown color with intense. The hair should be short, soft and firm. A layer unduly long or harsh is grounds for disqualification. Minimal care required, brushing from time to time.

Blue Lacy character and skills

They are intelligent, intense, asset and are always alert. They were developed to be hunting dogs and pastors. They can even hunt in packs, to show unity and determination, especially when hunting big game and cattle that are difficult to control, talk about.

Because of their origin are, course, protection and why dogs, It may be distrustful with strangers. Puppies are usually very energetic and love small children, What makes them excellent game companions. They are easy to train, they learn new skills quickly.

The Blue Lacy are very healthy dogs. They were developed for a long time to satisfy several generations of professional hunters and farmers of Texas, that is to say, his own life story has been that they are sufficiently resistant to thousands of adversity, as for example, very difficult terrain and working conditions. But, in some specimens have been detected some food allergies and skin problems.

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  • Alternative names: Lacy Dog / Lacy Game Dog / Texas Blue Lacy / Lacy Hog Dog

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