Tyrolean hound
Tyrolean Braco - Austria FCI 68

Braco Tirolés

The Tyrolean Hound it un perro con un carácter muy equilibrado, ideal for hunting in the forest.
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The Tyrolean hound or Tyrol hound descends from the Celtic hound and with their resistant double coat represents the purest type of dog hounds. It is known that already in the year 1500, the Emperor Maximilian I He used these Hounds in the Tyrol region for hunting hares, foxes and injured animals tracing. In his hunting books mentioned to their dogs extrajo guides.

Around 1860 they started in Tyrol raising pure breeds individually. In 1896 It set a standard that was officially recognized in 1908. The variety of species of hounds from the Tyrol natural, only remained those of red and black color with fire. The Hound of the Tyrol: small size is taken from the standard of 1994.

In the past, There was also a small size that was removed from the standard Tyrol sniffer in 1994.

Physical characteristics

The Tyrolean hound is a breed of hunting dog hound type of medium size and wide erect ears originating from the Austrian Tyrol.

This dog medium-sized and broad flat ears at the top of the head, has a thick, double coat and well covered legs.

There are two main colors of hair: Red or black and Tan, all of them can have white spots.

The height to the cross in the exemplary males is of 44 to 50 cm.; in the females of 42 to 48 cm. and weigh in 15 to 22 Kg. There is also, a smaller variety that has a height of 30 to 39 cm..

Esándar FCI del tirolés Braco



  • Skull : Width, Delgado, slightly convex.
  • Depression links (Stop) : Marked.


  • Truffle : Black, not placed perpendicular.
  • Snout : Moderately deep, straight.
  • Lips : Thin and very adherent.
  • JAWS/teeth : Strong and complete scissor bite. You want a complete denture with 42 Dental parts; the lack of total two PM1 or PM2 (premolars 1 or 2) is tolerated; the M3 (molars 3) they are not taken into account.
  • Eyes : Large eyeballs, not deep, round eyelid slit. Dark brown IRIS. Pigmented nictitating membrane, eyelids well adhering to the eyeball.
  • Ears : Wide, high insertion, rounded in its bottom edge; moderately stretched, They must reach the region of the upper Fang.


  • Moderately arched, Neither high nor low, Delgado, without presenting Chin.


    The trunk is long.

  • Cross : It is marked and is the highest point of the upper line.
  • Back : Straight, strong and moderately wide.Well rounded sill.
  • Rump : Slightly fall, not tilted, wide and long.
  • Chest : Very deep, moderately wide.
  • Sill : Rounded.
  • Belly : A little retracted. Moderately deep.


  • High insertion, long; it reaches at least up to the protrusion of the Hock; It takes her up when the dog is at attention ; is allowed to carry it in the form of Sabre; the tail is desirable with dense brush hair.




  • Shoulder : Placement at an angle, equipped with good musculature.
  • Arm : Good angulation.


  • Joints in the hind limbs are good angles.

Thighs :

  • Wide and muscular.


  • Strong, with toes arched and close together.
  • Hard pads.


  • It covers the ground, It is very fast and persistent.



  • Double (Stockhaar), dense with internal NAP, rather rough to soft. Belly with hair, thighs with “pants”. Tail covered with dense brush hair.


    Red or black and Tan (It also accepts tricolor).

  • Red variety : Red, cervuno or red yellow red. Is not desirable yellow color too clear.
  • Black and Tan variety : Layer black or saddle branded fire red or fire not clearly defined in the extremities, chest, belly and head. Allow marks on eyes fire (four eyes).
  • White markings : (Are allowed in both varieties of color). Bordering on the neck (collar), stain on front and lower chest, in the limbs and feet. The absence of white markings is not regarded as lack.


  • Height to the cross : 42 – 50 cm.
  • Males : 44 – 50 cm.,
  • females: 42 – 48 cm..


  • Any deviation from the above criteria is considered missing and the seriousness is considered to the extent of the deviation to the standard.
  • Too agalgado; too high or too low.
  • Rough skull.
  • Hanging lips.
  • Eyes gazeos.
  • Too short, long or bent.
  • Back too long or too weak.
  • Shyness.


  • Truffle Brown.
  • Upper or lower prognathism.
  • Lack of more than two premolars 1 or 2 ( PM1 to PM2).
  • Very pronounced white spots.
  • Color coat liver.
Character and skills

It is a hunting dog, ideal for hunting in the forest and the mountain, strong character, passionate, with fine sense of smell, independent hunting and persistent searches; It has a good bark in the hunt, a pronounced to track will and has a good sense of orientation.

It´s known for its strength in a difficult terrain and not to fear the weather.

In addition to the skills for hunting, The Hound of the Tyrol is an agile mind, Smart and good character. It is at the same time cheerful and independent, very attached to his master and his family.

Like all dogs hunting, This hound's obstinate nature. Your education requires some patience, but with perseverance its owner will get good results.

It's a dog that need to exercise. For this reason, life in the city or artamentos did not do for him.

Tyrolean Hound images
  • Alternative names: Tiroler bracke, Brachet tyrolien, Tirolean hound
  • Group 6 / Section 1.2 – Medium-sized hounds

Dogs breeds: Tyrolean Braco or Tyrol Hound

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