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Estados Unidos Coonhound types

Coonhound (the English: coon = raccoon; Hound = hound or hunting dog) It is a breed of dog of American origin which, It consists of a group of six different types of hounds. Los “Coondogs” (or “raccoon dogs”, as they tend to call them) they are highly valued in United States.



in the colonial period, several hunting dogs were imported because of the popular sport of the moment, fox hunting. Various breeds of hunting dogs were imported from England, Ireland and France, and the particular mix of these different races form the initial genetic composition of dogs which became known later, as dogs Virginia.

At the time the existing hunting dogs, were considered inadequate or rather incomplete, because he could only dedicate himself to hunting animals that hid close to the ground, but they could not with those who hid in the treetops, as raccoons, the opossums, wildcats and even bigger prey, as Cougars and bears.

the dogs were confused, They despistaban and in turn were unable to keep track of the dam, years. At that time, to take refuge in trees escaping. It was for that reason that cross mediantes, they got a wide variety of dogs that might be able to follow the trail of animals sheltering in the treetops. Above all, raccoons.

The race name derives from its original use in the hunt for raccoons.

It was thus that this group of dogs were developed trying to highlight and increase their best characteristics.: an acute sense of smell, the ability of tracking, pursue tirelessly its prey regardless of human orders, both on the ground and when they hid in the treetops. Y, especially guard cornered prey until the Hunter arrived. It also, they are excellent in the delivery of all types of dam, If adequate training.

Physical characteristics

To race Coonhound, Throughout history, different lines of hounds have been added in order to improve their capabilities., as the tracking, and physical characteristics such as the shape of their feet, some Coonhounds have webbed toes for tackling rivers and swamps, so common in its habitual hunting territory.

There are six individual breeds of Coonhound:

Character and skills

The Coonhound They can hunt individually or in packs.. In general, the hunters do not pursue their prey with the hounds, unlike organized fox hunting which do. In this case, they simply wait to hear the distinctive howl to determine if a raccoon or some other animal, It has been cornered.


In the rural area of the Colbert County, Alabama ((UNITED STATES)UU.) there is a cemetery calledKey Underwood Coon Dog Memorial Graveyard”, reserved specifically for the burial of raccoon dogs (Coonhound).

A group of American troops, he chose that spot because it had been a popular hunting camp and the 4 in September of 1937 they buried a Coonhound (raccoon dog), property of the troop. Thus the cemetery was opened in memory of these precious hounds. He became an emblematic place, over time...in the 2007 more than 185 dogs were buried there.

To be able to have a tombstone there, a corner in the cemetery, Dogs must meet three requirements:

  • The owner has to prove (by primer and pedigree) its mascot is a dog authentic Coonhound.
  • A witness must declare that the deceased is a Coonhound.
  • A member of the "Coonhunter Organization" of the place where the dog resided must be authorized by the owner to see the deceased pet and declare the dog as a true Coonhound.

The cemetery has the same format as a graveyard of human, there you will see tombstones of all kinds and details. Each 4 September (Labor Day in the United States), for quite some time theTennessee Valley Coon Hunter’s Association” sponsors a gathering at the cemetery to pay homage to the inauguration of the same (on Labor Day in 1937). The celebration includes music, dance, Food and contests. They attend the event, often, local politicians.

"Labor Day" or Labor Day, is a federal holiday observed in the United States on the first Monday in September. It has its origin in a parade held the 5 in September of 1882 in New York organized by the Nobles of the order of the Knights of labour (Knights of Labor). Inspired by a similar annual event held in Toronto (Canada). In 1884 another parade was held and the Knights of Labor they decided to do it annually.

Other organizations, mostly the affiliated with the first international, they preferred the 1 may, date that recalls the beginning in 1886 of a strike demanding the eight-hour work day and that had led to the Haymarket Riot in Chicago, three days later, the 4 may. President Grover Cleveland believed that the holiday of the 1 May would be an opportunity for disorder. So, fearing that it would reinforce the Socialist Movement, rapidly in 1887 supported the position of the Knights of Labor and its date for Labor Day.

Since then, unlike most countries, The United States celebrates Labor Day on a different date.

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