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Plott Hound
Alemania Estados Unidos Not recognized by the FCI

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The Plott Hound It is a dog that shows always eager to please her master.

Plott Hound



The Plott Hound is a great hound, in particular a Coonhound, originally bred for boar hunting. It is one of the least known in United States breeds of dogs, Despite being the official dog of the State of North Carolina. It is one of the six Coonhound breeds registered in the United Kennel Club (UKC).

The ancestors of the Plott Hound of today were used for hunting wild boar in Germany many years ago. Johannes Plott left his native Germany and came to the United States in 1750. He brought with him a few greyhounds that he used for hunting wild boar.. These dogs were bred for their strength and bravery.

The Lord Plott and his family settled in the mountains of western North Carolina. Although there is no written evidence to show that Johannes came all the way to western North Carolina, Yes, it is known that his son Henry Plott settled there around 1800 and was responsible for the legend of the dog of Plott, an amazing big game dog. The Bálsamos Plott are a mountain range that bears the family name to this day.

The Plott Hound was first registered by United Kennel Club in the year 1900.

Johannes Plott supposedly kept his strain completely pure, without crossing, but in 1780, their dogs passed into the hands of Henry Plott what if, known data from crosses with other breeds, but in the end always attempted to maintain the originality of the race.

Other crosses, possibly, they took place around the year 1900.

GP Ferguson, a family neighbor Plott in North Carolina in those days, it was a great influence on the breed Plott.

Physical characteristics

The Plott Hound must be athletic and muscular and agile in appearance. It must not be neither low and heavy, legs or long, but yes, light. The expression must be intelligence, confidence and determination. Your skin should not be ample as a sniffer.

The Plott Hound it is a dog of constitution strong but moderate, with a striped clear in their coat color. His appearance suggests the ability to speed, resistance and energy.

The coat of the Plott Hound should be fine and short or medium in length, and with smooth texture and glossy appearance.

According to the National Association of Plott Hound, the fur the dog must be Brindle. Striped “finely grated or effect with stripes or pattern of black or brown hair with hair from a light or darker background color shades of the accepted colors, they are the following:

Yellow striped, red striped, mottled Brown, Brown striped, striped black, striped gray, and Maltese (Slate gray, Blue striped).

The Association establishes that while that some white on chest and / or feet is allowed, White anywhere else, except in the chest and / or feet, is a defect.

The height of a Plott Hound will of 50 to 71 cm. to the cross in the mato hos, and 50 to 58 cm in females. Males should weigh in 23 to 27 kg and females in 18 to 25 kg.


The Plott Hound is considered the most robust of the Coonhound. Eats large amounts of food and very quickly, What makes it susceptible to gastric torsion, why education and perseverance when eating, is important to keep our Plott Hound healthy.

Character and skills

The Plott Hound is a dog that always shows eager to please his master, is loyal, intelligent and very alert in the home, but never aggressive.

In their role of Hunter It is often described as bold and brave, usually, they are always willing to adventure, but that predisposition varies among the strains that are bred for the hunting and the specimens that are bred as Coonhound (Coon hound).

Homeowners must be prepared to have a Plott Hound at home, a dog is not for beginners.

They require plenty of daily exercise, this breed is very active. Love the game, they have a wonderful instinct for the "woodland" (hunting of raccoons) and much like the water.

They are quick to learn. They are often indifferent to other dogs, but they constantly seek the care of human beings.

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  • Otros nombres: Plott / Plotthund.

Recognized by:

  • American Kennel Club (AKC).
  • United Kennel Club (UKC).

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