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American English Coonhound
Estados Unidos Not recognized by the FCI

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The American English Coonhound, is one of the varieties of Coonhound normally bred in the southern United States.

This breed was originally classified and recorded as English Fox and Coonhound, prior to the specialization of the six breeds of Coonhound. Recognition in the Decade of 1940 by the United Kennel Club of Bluetick Coonhound and Treeing Walker Coonhound as different races, gave rise to the classification and registration of the American English Coonhound as a distinct race within the group Coonhound.

The breed originated in the southeast of United States, where they were raised by the cross of a American Foxhound and English Foxhound, most other European hunting breeds, and other native dogs, in order to specialize the race in the hunting of animals that are fugaban climbing trees.

Physical characteristics

Unlike the other classifications of Coonhound, a wide variety of colorations is acceptable to meet the standards of the American English Coonhound. The coloration may be reddish, bluish or tricolor.

But, the red markings are predominant and “Redtick” is a common euphemism to refer to the color of the American English Coonhound.

Some people believe that this lack of emphasis on specific coloration has allowed breeders to focus breeding programs on traits like intelligence and hunting ability rather than superficial concerns., like coat standards. Color variations are common even among puppies from the same litter of a American English Coonhound , which indicates high levels of DNA diversity in the breed.

Character and skills

To the American English Coonhound loves to snuggle up on any fluffy surface he finds, important to take into account, all those people who do not want to have their dog on the sofa and in bed all day.

Just like all the Coonhound, are –generally- good dogs, affable and very sociable. Nervousness or aggression is considered a defect according to UKC breed standards. Are strong and stubborn nature, so it requires more patience in training than other breeds.

Young dogs tend to be very active, playful and eager to human attention, they are dogs that require plenty of exercise.

The American English Coonhound, It is used more often as hunting dogs, mainly of raccoons.

They are also excellent family pets, that they have been bred for hunting in Group, so tend to be very friendly.

The American English Coonhound as well, is very good guardian. It has a very characteristic alert bark that makes it infallible.

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