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The German Shepherd It is one of the most popular dog breeds, the world's largest and versatile.



Its origins date back to late 19th century, When Germany began a breeding program for care and protection of herds of sheep against Wolves. Maximilian von Stephanitz, the German army cavalry captain, is considered the father of the breed, being the first registered copy Horand von Grafath, a robust animal, strong character, grey fur and de aspect.

Later, After the emergence of the Association of friends of the German Pastor in 1899, began a selection of specimens whose crosses both improved the psychic aspect as a physicist of the animal.

Horand von Grafath, It proved to be a capable Stud and traits that Von Stephanitz appreciated at the first meeting were transmitted to the successor dogs, and they were reinforced with careful rules of selective cross between members of the same lineage of this first breeder, a practice which sought to highlight and enhance desirable characteristics by means of a specific genetic management.

Von Stephanitz, considered a perfect practical and working of the race always primary. From the beginning, the way in the German Shepherd should not deflect him functionality. Von Stephanitz foresaw a first threat to the validity of race as a working animal when human society transformed from a mainly agricultural and livestock basis to an industrialized economy.

In a first phase, He persuaded the German Government to accept the breed in police work. This was the beginning of the Association of race with the forces of law and military use. Soon the qualities of intelligence, reliability and resistance of the animal, the main aspects of his character and his existence in the history, him they guaranteed their use in many important roles, and one of those most noble roles of the dog as a guide for the blind.

Today, This race is not only one of the most dear and admired by lovers of dogs, but that its qualities have also allowed work in army, This race was used as a tracker dog during the second world war by the nazi army and police. In fact, the services provided during the two world wars won him universal respect and admiration.

Physical characteristics

Is also known by the name of Ovejero German or Police dog, due to the use that give them the security forces in many countries where even with so-called specific units K-9.

The German Shepherd, is a dog robust and flexible, slightly elongated, with muscular body, its powerful mandibles close in scissor, which, You can generate a force of more than 180 kg beating races as the Pitbull, the Akita Inu or American bulldog.

There are many variants of color in German shepherds, as black, black and Brown edges, Red and black, but always visible his mantle of black, that is why many rang black cloak.

The height at the cross, is between 60 and 65 cm. male, and the female between 55 and 60 cm.. The weight of the male, round the 30 and 50 kg, and in the female between 22 and 40 kg. Their life expectancy is around the 12 years.

Pastor of cows and sheep with great intelligence and tireless trot. He has excelled in many useful works man, such as: guardian, guide dog, Police, attack dog, drug detector, etc.

It is a robust animal, Agile, good muscular, awake and full of life. Their physical proportions must be concerned not only in appearance but also will have to look at his temper.

You must be a well balanced dog, with a harmonious development of the anterior and posterior members. A good specimen like at first sight; is also very strong. Although it can sometimes be a bit dominant and aggressive depending on the way in which educates.

Regard to the Bless you of these dogs, It is important to monitor its post vaccination schedule that are susceptible to Contracting distemper. As it is common in large dogs, this breed is susceptible of suffering Hip Dysplasia.

Responsible for cross is necessary to avoid this type of defects to spread from generation to generation to get healthy copies that do not suffer pain and are useful for work. This breed typically requires the hips from puppies to be passed by X-ray, and that the x-rays are certified and approved by the responsible of the breed clubs (the body that regulates this race is the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde e.v.. (SV) Headquartered in Augsburg, Germany), When the Cub reaches maturity (approximately at the 2 years of age), so this has been an adult is suitable for reproduction.

Character and skills

It is a very good companion dog with children, It is very balanced and easy to train.

The training and socialization they should start from the first time the puppy reaches the family. The training for this breed is essential, is not recommended at all that is purchased if the future owner does not have the time needed to train it or take it to train a puppy.

You need to practice exercise continuously It is a breed of working. German shepherds are in sports like the Schutzhund, It is a good alternative to help keep you healthy and balanced both physically and mentally.

The German Shepherd It is one of the most popular dog breeds, the world's largest and versatile. Nato worker, affectionate with family, excellent guardian, Guide for the blind, animal rescue, patient and protective of children. Courage, intelligence, unselfishness and loyalty are among the many virtues that characterizes this can.

The field trips, Beach or mountain are necessary and recommended especially if you are allowed to run to suit, at least, twice a month. Like this, strong muscles will be maintained in the form and will help preserve your psychic equilibrium, being a breed particularly biased to temperamental disorders which in extreme cases they degenerate in neurosis.

It is advisable to, make your first bath to the 3 months of life, in a warm place, where the dog run no risk of harm is, using SOAP or shampoo neutral.

Also, It is important to feed it with good quality feed. We must prevent overfeeding it has a voracious appetite that can lead it to gastric problems, If not treated properly it can trigger chronic diarrhea.

It is advisable to go to the vet at least once a year for a general Checkup. Daily brushing is necessary to avoid the dead hair to hang its limbs and neck, This also allows fur keep bright, healthy and beautiful.

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Otros nombres: Alsatian / Berger Allemand / German Shepherd / Deutscher Schäferhund / GSD / Schäferhund / Ovejero Alemán

Group 1 / Section 1 – Sheepdogs

Dogs breeds: German Shepherd

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