Collie hair long
Rough Collie

The Collie hair long (Rough Collie, meaning rough Collie) is one of the breeds of medium-sized and long-haired Collie who was born in Scotland in the Decade of 1800.

Both the Collie of long hair (Rough Collie) as the Short hair Collie (Smooth Collie), they are descended from a variety of grazing dogs from Scotland and Wales.

  • The variety of Scotland, It is characterized for being a strong dog, large, aggressive, raised to care for flocks of sheep in the Highlands, an all terreno…
  • The variety of Wales, However, was a small dog, Agile, home and cuddlier, and also pastor of goats.

These two varieties of dogs crosses shepherds are born the precious Collie that we call today Collie hair long (Rough Collie) and Short hair Collie (Smooth Collie).

After the industrial revolution, owning a dog became fashionable, people began to acquire copies and began to expand and cross with other breeds. Y, There is a theory that says that these first Collie, they were crossed with a Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound or Russian Greyhound) in order to obtain a more "noble" head (finest), What is today one of the true characteristics of the Rough Collie. But in reality, is not known conclusively if it crosses with the Borzoi It took place on the main stream of the race.

But trends are changing according to blowing the wind... Like for example, When the Queen Victoria acquired a Border Collie, After seeing one in the Balmoral Castle, the Collie is transformed into something like an article of fashion.

The issue is that, the Collie were handing out the map and continuous reproduction for the purpose of improving the breed for exhibitions, He carried that drastically changed the appearance of the dogs, in the Decade of 1960, the Collie was much higher than it is today.

At the first dawn of the breed the dogs were more robust and resistant, they could travel long distances during the whole day and retained energy...

While many theories attempt to explain them, Unfortunately, the exact origins of the Collie have a dark veil. The race has been the subject of much research and speculation. The origin of the word “Collie” It is as uncertain as the origin of the breed information. In the century 18, the natural home of the Rough Collie was in the Highlands of Scotland lands, where had it been used for centuries as a herding dog. Dogs were bred with great care in order to assist their masters in grazing and the monitoring of their flocks.

In the United Kingdom the Rough Collie is no longer used for livestock grazing, After having been replaced by the Border Collie. Although in United States and several European countries, There has been a resurgence in the use of the Collie as a working and performance dog, already not are seen as old.

The Club Collie of America was founded the 26 in August of 1886, What makes it one of the oldest clubs in the race. The objective of the original club was "the promotion and the improvement of the breed of Border Collie". The first official standard of the breed Collie was fashioned from there. The celebration of the centenary of the club took place in 1986. Y, Although much time has passed and many things cambiado… the objective of the Club is still the same. The Collie Club in England dates of 1881 (Although officially, is oldest club americano…).

The Collie's long hair was exhibited for the first time in 1860 in the Birmingham, England, in the dogshow “Scotch Shee-pdog“. In 1879 the first hair long Collie was imported to England. And from there are the pillars of the breed.

With the turn of the century, the Collie's long hair was already in a State of continuous development. The race continued to flourish in England. As a result of imports, the race progressed rapidly between the years 1900 to 1920. These dogs built the foundations on which is based the long hair today's Collie and paved the way for the emergence of large and famous American canine breeding over the years 1920 and 1930.

One of them and perhaps which catapulted the Collie of long hair, He was the author Albert Payson Terhune devoted almost all his life to these dogs. Albert Payson Terhune (21 December 1872 until 18 February 1942) was an American author, Collie dog breeder, and journalist. The public is known both for his novels relating the adventures of his beloved Collie, "as for its famous breeding sites"Sunnybank”, which come from the bloodlines of copies of Collie hair length living today between us.

One of the characteristic features of the Collie's long hair is his head and delicately pointed snout. It resembles a wedge decline gently from the ears until the black nose. The snout is rounded and never square. The eyes are of medium size and Pacific way. The ears are supposed to be semi-erectas, folded in the upper third. In appearance they are very similar to the Shetland Shepherd Dog, but larger.

With respect to the layer of the Collie hair long hair, the admitted colors are:

  • Sable color: Where sable or grey goes from Pale to mahogany.
  • Blackbird: the blue Merle, It is a mottled grey.
  • Tricolor: It is mainly Tan.

All have white areas, in the neck, the back of the legs, and usually the tip of the tail. Some may have white fringes on the face. The American Kennel Club supports white, where is the dog predominantly white with spots of the sable color, Tricolor and blue Merle, in the head and patches in the body as a.

It has dual layer, the woolly, dense subpelo, It is covered by a layer of hair is long and rough exterior with a remarkable necklace around the neck, feathers on the legs, a skirt in the abdomen, and a steering wheel in the rear quarters.

The outer layer needs brushing frequent, careful to keep it free from spikes and thorns, He has long hair and it seems a velcro… Shearing it is something very harmful to the skin and some not again them grow a significant amount of hair after having been shaved.

The desired size and weight vary between the standards of the breed of dog clubs, but trying to balance the medidas… a long hair male Collie measured 55,8 to 66 cm in height to the cross, females tend to be a 5 lowest centimeters. Males weigh in 20 to 34 Kg and females are generally lighter (of 2 to 5 fewer kilos).

The hair long Collie is a dog that never shows nervousness or aggression, and they are generally good with children and other animals. However, They must be well socialized to prevent shyness. Although they are medium-sized to large dogs, It adapts very well to life in small apartments, because of his quiet nature.

Like many dogs grazing, the Collie's long hair can be very vocal (ladrador…), and in some cases it is difficult to correct them. They are very loyal and excellent with children, provided have been well socialized and trained. They are always eager to learn and respond better to a gentle hand. They enjoy human company and home heat.

For yeah "The character of"Lassie"created by the British author Eric Knight was a Collie of long hair", It is probably the most famous dog in the world, fictional character that appeared in various films, TV series and books for years.

"That character inspired screenwriter Hugo Butler in the film"Lassie Come Home”, under the direction of Fred M. Wilcox, in the year 1943. Film that definitely launched to fame to the beautiful long hair Collie.

Collie hair long – Rough Collie

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