Scottish Hound

Lebrel Escocés

The Deerhound or Scottish Hound, It is a traditional dog belonging to the Scottish Highlands, It also appears in the old portraits, sleeping at the foot of great lords. When became fashionable with shotgun deer hunting, This race was on the verge of extinction, but the enthusiasm of their breeders has achieved this canine Aristocrat to survive to the present day.

The mantle must be rough to the touch and with rather scruffy appearance. Dark eyes, with a black beaded eyelid. High implanted ears, replegadas backwards and, Unlike the remains of the mantle, they are brilliant and soft to the touch. Deep chest, well arched back, Kidney fallen towards the tail.

It must be long, gradually narrowing toward the tip, and should appear curved while the dog is moving. Compact feet, with the well marked knuckles.

Video of the Scottish Hound
Deer HoundLightbox for Video by v1.11

Though it is extra force to bring down a deer, its soft and delicate manners make it a perfect companion dog, that requires much physical exercise.

Very cute, affectionate, loyal and dedicated, but you need to closely monitor provided that it has earned nearly, It is difficult to find other flaws in his character.

Dogs breeds: Scottish Hound

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