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The Majorero is affectionate with their masters, Sometimes something distant.

Bardino Majorero
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The Majorero dog (or Bardino Majorero) is a Spanish breed of dog, originally from the island of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands, where he is referred to in popular form as Dog Bardino. Currently, It is a race dog is in danger of extinction. Traditionally, It has been used as a cattle dog and especially as a watchdog.

The first cattle dogs arrived in Fuerteventura with the conquerors of Spain, along with cattle beef, sheep and horse year 1404. Various historical references attest to this origin. Cattle dogs, Dam dogs, perdigueros dogs, the podencos, and other races, they were introduced in the Canary Islands as they were conquered and colonized by Spain.

Since the early days of colonization, in the agreements of the Cabildos of Betancuria (Fuerteventura) and Tenerife is repeatedly referred to "cattle dogs", to the "dogs of prey", to the "retrievers", and "hunting dogs".

In 1979, held in Gran Tarajal, in the municipality of Tuineje, the first monograph of the race bringing together farmers, experts and judges, being the beginning of the process for the recognition of the breed by the Royal Canine society of Spain, Thanks to the work of recovery and dissemination of the race by the protective society of Bardino (S.P.B.) Fuerteventura Island.

However, is not to the 14 in April of 1994 When the Royal Canine society of Spain recognized finally to the “Asociación Canaria Protectora del Perro Majorero Toto”. Is this recognition and to the first five years of the new century, When the majorera race enters a deep decline in the island, that he takes it to the brink of extinction. There was no specific breeding and selection plan that would change the fate of the Perro Bardino Majorero. Existing speculation had also diminished racial quality..

Currently has founded the “Asociación para la Conservación del Perro Majorero” (ACPM), He was born as an initiative from the hands of several breeders, owners and enthusiasts, with the aim of safeguarding and promoting the survival of Perro Bardino Majorero.

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Some of its objectives, How to get started to cement the hobby by this breed of dog in the island of Fuerteventura, they are getting.

The Majorero Cattle Dog, as we know it today, was the result of the crossing of dogs brought by the Spanish conquistadors, with tenants.

These dogs, for almost six hundred years have been essential partners of farmers and peasants majoreros. As a company, guardians of houses, farm and livestock.

  • Otros nombres: Majorero / Bardino Majorero

Physical characteristics

The Majorero It is a dog of medium size and robust. The standard marks a height to the cross of 57 a 63 cm in males, the females are slightly smaller and its height is of 55 a 61 cm.. In both sexes, there is a margin of tolerance of 2 cm above or below. The weight of the males is of 30 a 45 kg, and in females in 25 a 35 Kg.

The fur is soft and short hair, the hair color is Jet Black with beige and grey which gives the tone striped. A curious feature of the breed is that they are the single or double spurs on the hind legs. They often have white spots on extremities, referred to in shoes, and from the lower lip to the chest, Sometimes the belly. The hair should be of medium length, soft, and with subpelo.

The skin should be thick and loose, especially in the dorsal part of the dog.

Character and skills

They have a very strong temperament, and that makes them dangerous to strangers who roam without warning in the territories they take care of...

Traditionally (and now), in the Canary Islands has been used for saves and conduction of the goats, sheep and cattle, and as guardian in country houses and estates. In the past, by his bellicose nature was used as a dog fight, and it is often crossed with dogs of prey. It is affectionate with their masters, Sometimes something distant, and he likes to be with children, to protect as if they were her pups and tolerate their own age cruelties. It is not a submissive dog, quite the contrary.

In the news, tends to be used as a watchdog, in villas, farms, industrial estates, etc. It is an active dog who is always alert distrustful by nature is, very territorial with other dogs.

His gaze is serious, but not severe, is of few friends. It is a very confident dog, and a correct and coherent education is essential when it is used as a companion dog, because it is very independent, and you need that they mark clear guidelines.

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