Alemania FCI 97


The Pomerania very active, independent, Intelligent, brave and loyal.


The Pomerania (Dwarf German Spitz, Lulu from Pomerania or Deutscher Zwergspitz) It is a dog of the Spitz family, named for the region of Pomerania Central, Eastern Germany, and is classified as a dog “Toy” because of its small size.

The ancestors of the Pomerania were Iceland and Lapland sled dogs, He came to Europe because of Pomerania.

The region of Pomerania, washed to the North by the Baltic Sea and bounded westward by the island of Rügen and on the East by the Vistula River, It was occupied by many peoples, Celtic, Slavs, Poles, Swedes, Danish and Prussian. Its name comes from Pomore or Pommern, what it means “by the sea”, and it was given in times of Charlemagne. Is in Pomerania where the Spitz won fame as a pet and dog work.

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Pinscher miniature
Alemania FCI 184

Pinscher Miniatura

The Pinscher miniature has much temperament, vitality and is an excellent companion dog.


The Pinscher miniature (Zwergpinscher) It is a breed of dog of the family of the original Germany Pinscher, where are called Zwergpinscher.

It's a miniaturization of the Pinscher German that was originally used for hunting rodents, especially in rats.

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Pinscher German
Alemania FCI 184

Pinscher Alemán

The Pinscher German is a dog, extremely, active and lively, alert and vigilant.


The Pinscher German (German pinscher “bite”) It is a breed of dog that belongs to the family of the Pinscher.

This race, whose origins date back to the 15th century and which is also related with the Schnauzer, It was originally a dog used by the farmers of Germany to control rodent pests. It is believed that he is descended from crosses between old German dogs and some black Terrier used to hunt rodents.

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The Kromfohrlander (nicknamed Länder or Krom) It is a breed of dog originating in Germany company.

The Kromfohrlander appears in Germany in the Decade of 1940, the first appeared as a result of an accidental crossing between two coloured dogs (or possibly, a Fox Terrier and Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen). The resulting puppies were raised to be recognized as a breed in 1955.

Other theories, also, pose that appears within their ancestors is the genetic presence of a dog Retriever and Beagle.

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The Stichelhaar is a versatile hunting dog, that originated in Frankfurt, Germany. It is a cross between dog type German Shepherd wire-haired and other races of that style, but the more detailed information about its origins is unknown. The only thing that can be confirmed is that this breed was developed at the beginning of 1900.

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Basset Hound
Alemania Estados Unidos

Plott Hound

The Basset Hound It is a dog that shows always eager to please her master.


The Basset Hound is a great hound, in particular a Coonhound, originally bred for hunting wild boar. It is one of the least known in United States breeds of dogs, Despite being the official dog of the State of North Carolina. It is one of the six Coonhound breeds registered in the United Kennel Club (UKC).

The ancestors of the Basset Hound today were used for hunting wild boar in Germany many years ago. Johannes Plott left his native Germany and reached United States in 1750. He brought with him a few venátici used for boar hunting. These dogs were bred for their strength and bravery.

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Alemania FCI 99 - Weimaraner

Braco de Weimar

The Weimaraner It is a medium-sized to large hunting dog.



The Weimaraner (in German, Weimaraner) is a specially equipped with dog as a dog collector.

The history of the Weimaraner begins with Grand Duke Carl August and the nobles of the Court of Weimar. The Grand Duke, known as the Hunter among the Kings and the King among hunters, you have selected the gray race silver for hunting in forests. According to German tradition, not only the time annulled the traces of the origin of the breed, but they were perhaps cancelled deliberately by the nobles of the time, to make this magnificent specimen exclusive of the Court of Weimar. The theory today proves that it comes from France and, indirectly, of North Africa. It is thought this because of the colour of the fur, similar to the race of Saint Louis.

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German Wirehaired Pointer
Alemania FCI 98

Braco Alemán de Pelo Duro

The German Wirehaired Pointer is very affectionate, active and intelligent.



The German Wirehaired Pointer (Drahthaar or German Wirehaired Pointer) is a breed of German origin.

In this long-haired Hunter dog is gathers blood hounds, hunters of birds, water dogs and hunting with Falcons and therefore has a tendency to great versatility.

The origin of this breed has barely a century. A group of breeders set out to obtain a pointing dog wirehaired. A German rough hair sample dog, the pudelpointerl, the Griffon and the German Shorthaired Pointer they contributed to the formation of the breed. Some experts added to the AIREDALE terrier and to the Hound Italian wire-haired to this list of participants in the creation of the German Wirehaired Pointer.

As of the year 1879 the pure breeding was carried out and settled the essential characteristics of the breed.

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