Thai Ridgeback
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Ridgeback Tailandés

The Thai Ridgeback It is attached to its owner, resistant, active and loves to jump.

The Thai Ridgeback is a breed of dog to dogs section primitive type.

This elegant and attractive breed of dog appears cited from ago 360 years and according to scholars of the race count, kept as it was in the beginning.

The crucial reason why the Thai Ridgeback, It has maintained intact its features was the isolation for so long, suffered Thailand, which has led that race does not mix with others and be kept pure.

It comes exactly from the eastern part of Thailand, or at least, There was where was more used as a watchdog, as responsible to defend against attacks from bandits and as an Assistant in hunting wild boar and vipers carts.

Some experts, they maintain that the Thai Ridgeback is one of the ancestors of many of the current Asian breeds that share some characteristics with, such as Chinese Chongqing Dog, the Shar Pei or the Chow Chow.

It is one of the oldest breeds that exist today.

This currently enjoying more widespread as a pet, Although it is virtually unknown outside his country of origin. And even in Thailand is a rare breed, or little-known.

Physical characteristics

We are faced with a relatively large dog, the males measure about 58 cm and weigh each 29 or 30 kg, the females are light and small with a height around the 54 cm and a weight of between 21 and 25 kg. Head is narrow and slightly rounded at the top, they have clearly discernible fronto-nasal stop and elongated snout.

The majority of specimens of this breed have characteristics wrinkles around the mask and in the front of the ears, that are of high implementation, pointy, upright and, slightly, leaning forward.

They have the neck muscular that it leads to a chest orondo and robust.

The body long and high with the faintly convex rump, the lomo and cross, also, with the features folds skin and a distinctive row of hairs in the central part of the trunk that goes from the cross to the hips, outgoing call and, It gives its name to la raza.

This ridge can be of two types depending on their size and thickness, violin When supply is low and little noticeable and needle When it comes to a thick and bristling Crest.

The hindlimbs are strong and always carried inclined with respect to the trunk of the animal. Previous members, they are long and robust. The tail is thick at the base and will be refined as it reaches the end, It is slightly arched and takes her erect.

With regard to the the mantle, It is soft and velvety, presents a wide chromatic variety, There may be reddish copies, solid black, bluish, violins, and silver.

Thai Ridgeback: Standard FCI




  • Skull: The skull is flat between the ears, but a little rounded when viewed from the side.
  • Front: With wrinkles when the dog is attentive.
  • Depression links (Stop): Clearly defined but moderate.


  • Nose: Black color, in blue dogs nose be bluish.
  • Nasal bridge: Straight and long.
  • Snout: Wedge shaped; slightly shorter than the skull.
  • Lips: Well glued with good pigmentation.
  • Mouth: Preferably with a black spot on the tongue.
  • Jaw: Upper and lower jaws are strong.
  • Teeth: White and strong. With scissor bite.
  • Eyes: Medium-sized and almond shape. Dark. In the blue and silver, the amber eyes is allowed.
  • Ears: Located on both sides of the skull. Preferably medium-sized and triangular, securely upright and leaning forward. Do not cut.

NECK: A medium-long, strong, muscular, slightly arched and holding his head up.


  • Back: Strong and level.
  • Pork loin: Strong and wide.
  • Rump: Moderately inclined.
  • Breast : Deep enough to reach the elbows. Well developed ribs, but not barrel-shaped.
  • Abdomen: Tucked well stomach.

TAIL: With a thick base and decreasing towards the tip. The tip can reach hocks (“hocks”). Holding it vertically or slightly curved.



  • Shoulder: Well located to the rear.
  • Forearm: Straight.
  • Metacarpus: Straight when you look at them from the front and slightly inclined when seen from the side.
  • Feet: Oval.
  • Nail: Black, but they can be more clear depending on the color of the hair.


  • Hips: Well developed and steep curves knees.
  • Hocks: Strong and well descended.
  • Metatarsals: Straight and parallel seen from the back.
  • Feet: oval.

MOVEMENT: Step with good range, not bent or balancing the body side to side. Stepping on, form two straight parallel lines. Seen from the front, the front legs move in a straight line, so that the shoulder, elbow and Metacarpus (“pastern”) they are roughly in line together. Seen from the back, knee and hip joint, they are approximately aligned.

It moves in a straight line toward the front in a straight pattern without removing the feet inward or outward, allowing a long step and a powerful propulsion. The movement is consistent, well-cadenced and easy.

SKIN: Soft and tender, with tight skin, throat without jowl.


HAIR: Short and smooth. The outgoing (Ridge) on the back and the spine is formed by hairs that grow in the opposite direction from the rest of the coat; the edge of the protrusion must be clearly defined. The projection may have various shapes and different lengths, but you prefer an outgoing symmetrical on either side of the spine and within the width of the spine. Crowns or eddies at the beginning of the outbound is acceptable.

COLOR: Solid color: red, black, Brown and blue clear. You prefer the black mask in red.


Height to the cross: Tolerance is plus or minus 2,5 cm. (one inch).

  • Males: 56 to 61 cm. (22 – 24 inches)
  • Females: 51 to 56 cm. (20 – 22 inches)

FAULTS: Any deviation from the above mentioned criteria is considered as missing and the gravity of this will be considered in proportion to the standard deviation and its consequences on the health and welfare of the dog.

  • Bite anyone who is not scissor.
  • An outgoing (“Ridge”) unbalanced.


  • Aggressive or fearful dogs.
  • Dogs who do not submit outbound (“Ridge”).
  • Long hair.
  • Any dog showing clear physical abnormalities or behavioral signs shall be disqualified.

NOTE: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended in the scrotum.

Translation: Rafael Santiago.

Character and skills

The Thai Ridgeback is a dog strong, powerful, tremendously, Active and vigorous. It is very distrustful with strangers and very attached to his master.

The characteristics of its fur are not required great efforts in conservation, a weekly brushing will be more than enough.

Something important to keep in mind is the dose the daily activity This dog is needed, at least one hour of exercise in the open air, that otherwise could become destructive with the furniture of the House.

You need to run, feel free… tire. Then in the home usually a dog very quiet and protector.


One of the passions of the Thai Ridgeback, and perhaps the most striking, is that She loves to jump, enjoys jumping without stopping.

It's one little-known race, even in their country of origin.

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  • Otros nombres: Thai Ridgeback Dog / Perro talilandés con cresta.
  • Group 5 / section 7 -Primitive type of hunting with a crest on the back.

Dogs breeds: Thai Ridgeback

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