Thai Ridgeback
Tailandia FCI 338 . Primitive type - Hunting Dogs

Ridgeback Tailandés

The Thai Ridgeback is attached to its owner., resistant, active and loves to jump.



The Thai Ridgeback is a breed of dog to dogs section primitive type.

This elegant and attractive breed of dog appears cited from ago 360 years and according to scholars of the race count, kept as it was in the beginning.

The crucial reason why the Thai Ridgeback, It has maintained intact its features was the isolation for so long, suffered Thailand, which has led that race does not mix with others and be kept pure.

It comes exactly from the eastern part of Thailand, or at least, There was where was more used as a watchdog, as responsible to defend against attacks from bandits and as an Assistant in hunting wild boar and vipers carts.

Some experts, they maintain that the Thai Ridgeback It is one of the ancestors of many of the current Asian races that share some characteristics with it, how are he Chongqing dog, the Shar Pei or the Chow Chow.

It is one of the oldest breeds that exist today.

This currently enjoying more widespread as a pet, Although it is virtually unknown outside his country of origin. And even in Thailand is a rare breed, or little-known.

Physical characteristics

The Thai Ridgeback it is a medium-sized dog with short hair, that forms a ridge on the back. Their highly developed muscles and anatomical structure are suitable for their activity as hunting dogs. The eyes are medium in size, almendrada form, dark brown; in blue or silver colored dogs, amber eyes are allowed. The ears are attached to the top of the skull, which is very wide between the ears. Triangular, very large, are leaning forward and very straight. The tail, thick at the root, gradually tapers towards the tip. Carried vertically straight or curved like a sickle.

Hair: Short and smooth. At the rear, the crest is made up of hair deviated from the rest of the body. The boundary between the ridge and neighboring regions must be well defined. The ridge can have different shapes, but symmetric is preferred.

Color: Uniform. Light brown red, black, silver and blue.

Size: Males 56-61 cm., females 51-56 cm..

Weight: 25 a 30 kg for the male and 20 a 25 kg for females

Character and skills

The Thai Ridgeback is a dog strong, powerful, tremendously, Active and vigorous. It is very distrustful with strangers and very attached to his master.

The characteristics of its fur are not required great efforts in conservation, a weekly brushing will be more than enough.

Something important to keep in mind is the dose the daily activity This dog is needed, at least one hour of exercise in the open air, that otherwise could become destructive with the furniture of the House.

You need to run, feel free… tire. Then in the home usually a dog very quiet and protector.


One of the passions of Thai Ridgeback, and perhaps the most striking, is that She loves to jump, enjoys jumping without stopping.

It's one little-known race, even in their country of origin.

Thai Ridgeback Health

Resistant / robust :
The Thai Ridgeback it is a robust dog but it can hardly bear the low temperatures.

Withstands heat:
Due to its origins, this dog is not afraid of high temperatures.

Withstands the cold:
His short coat does not give him good protection against bad weather.

Tendency to gain weight:
The breed is not concerned with overweight problems.

Frequent illnesses:
Seno dermoide
Hip dysplasia

Price of a Thai Ridgeback

The price of a Thai Ridgeback varies according to its origin, age and gender. The weak diffusion of the breed outside its country of origin does not allow knowing the average price of a puppy of the Thai Ridgeback.

Regarding the average budget to cover the needs of a dog of this size, you have to count roughly 40 euros / my.

The Thai Ridgeback pictures

Ridgeback Tailandés Videos

Type and recognitions:

  • Group 5: Spitz and primitive types.
  • Section 7: Primitive type – Hunting Dogs. Without working trial.


  • FCI – Group 5: Dogs type Spitz and primitive type – Section 7: Primitive type - Hunting Dogs.

FCI Thai Ridgeback Breed Standard

Thai Ridgeback FCI Thai Ridgeback FCI

Alternative names:

    1. Thaï Dog (English).
    2. Mah Taï, Chien thaïlandais à crête dorsale, Thaï Dog, Thai Ridgeback (French).
    3. Thai Ridgeback (German).
    4. Cão-tailandês-de-crista-dorsal (Portuguese).
    5. Perro tailandés con cresta (Spanish).
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