Setter Irish Red and white

Setter Irlandés Rojo y Blanco

The Setter Irish Red and white (Irish Red and White Setter) It is a breed of hunting dog, one of the large group of Setter dogs. It is virtually identical in use and the temperament to his cousin, the Irish Setter, but it is more often as working dog as company mascot. Setter Irish Red and white is a hunting dog that originated in the 17TH century in Ireland.

Originally all Irish Setter were, in its most, red, or red and white, but around 1880 breeders began to prefer the variety of solid red color and as a result, the race was on verge of extinction.

Y, as sometimes happens, in history there is someone who thank these precious dogs remain among us. In this case the thanks go to the Rev. Noble Huston (died in 1944), who was the Minister of the first Presbyterian Church in Ballynahinch , County Down (North Ireland) breeder of dogs. He is credited with having saved the Setter Irish Red and white of the extinction in the early 20th century.

He survived because the select breeding program carried out Noble Huston race, but there were only a few copies in the island of Ireland. Later, about 1970, There was a planned revival of the breed, and the numbers began to increase gradually.

In the Decade of 1980, Setter Irish Red and white copies were imported to Britain, where the race developed more as a dog of exhibition, leaving behind their labour skills

In 1944, the race had restored enough to have an own club, and today can be seen in the many demonstrations and Irish dog trials. The The current Setter Irish Red and white Club was formed in 1981 and through his efforts the race was completely restored at national and international levels. Setter Irish Red and white successfully competes against the other races Setter field trials.

Since the 1 in January of 2009, Setter Irish Red and white is recognized by the American Kennel Club (United States). Also, It is recognized by the majority of Canine Clubs of his native country. All copies of Setter Irish Red and white contained in records are descendants of the purebred dogs accepted by the Kennel Club of Ireland at the time of the recovery of the breed in the Decade of 1970.

Setter Irish Red and white is a strong dog, well balanced, proportionate and without heaviness; more athletic than light. That's because it was raised to live in the countryside, for work. Its height to the cross goes 57 a 61 cm for females and 61 a 66 cm for males, and weigh in 23 a 32 kg.

Its pelage is long, silky and fine (call “feathers”) at the rear of the front and hind legs and on the flap of the outer ear, also a reasonable amount on the flank that extends to the chest and the throat forming fringes. The bangs are straight without waves, Although a slight curvature, but is permissible. The tail must have good pen. In all other parts of the body, the hair must be short, smooth and without curls.

The base color is white with solid red spots (Red Islands), both colours should be the maximum brightness and definition.

Regard to the temperament, Setter Irish Red and white, is a sharp and intelligent dog, shows a good attitude, friendly, is very friendly, reliable and easy to train as a hunting dog. Perhaps, in general terms, It may take more time hunting than other breeds dogs train, but once trained is a loyal and reliable partner.

Setter Irish Red and white does best with active families who have points in common, as high energy, they need exercise and require large spaces to run freely.

Dogs breeds: Setter Irish Red and white (Irish Red and White Setter).


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