Bavarian Mountain Hound
Germany FCI 217 . Leash (scent) Hounds

Bavarian Mountain Hound

The Bavarian Mountain Hound is very suspicious of strangers, I am calm and balanced with its owner.



The Bavarian Mountain Hound it is a medium sized hunting dog. He is a highly developed specialist, but at the same time versatile in hunting. Tracking work is his specialty. Master searching and hunting and especially tracking. On the trail, keep track of an injured animal. Fast and infallible dog work is crucial to reduce the suffering of the prey.

The Bavarian Mountain Hound dates back to ancient dog breeds. These hounds are also called “Bracken”. For hunting, which was an important way of life for our ancestors for thousands of years, dogs with a particularly good sense of smell and an intelligent sense of detection were of great importance. Trace Dogs were also needed to hunt criminals.

For the Teutons a good Scent hound was worth more than a horse. This is attested by a legal text of more than 1000 years old, el Lex Baiuwariorum. A document of the year 1459 later attests to Bracken's donation to the Tegrinsee monastery (today Tegernsee) by a count Kaspar Törring. Already at that time the count systematically raised the Bracken according to a breeding book. The actual Bavarian Mountain Hound also descends from these Bracken.

In 1870 he also grew up Hanoverian Scenthound. This resulted in a modern and versatile helper for the ranger and hunter.. The dogs had to be distinguished by their high performance in hunting. At the same time, they had to cope with the harsh conditions of the mountains. Therefore, sharp stones were not allowed to bother them as much as storms, snow or high demands on your ability to climb. In 1883 took place the first official exhibition of the Bavarian Mountain Hound. In 1912 was founded the Klub für Bayerische Gebirgsschweißhunde, who has since been very successful in caring for these dogs.

After World War II, the genetic bottleneck was worked on by crossing into the Tyrolean hound. Although the breed is very rare, is spread throughout Germany. Their breeding is organized in a very responsible way. To avoid “elite or champion breeding” the number of offspring of a farm animal is limited to 18 - 20. On the other hand, at least one animal from each litter raised must be reintroduced into the breed if there are no signs of inherited diseases. In addition, breeding is only allowed with dogs that have passed performance tests anyway. The breeding of the Bavarian Mountain Hound is a model, a project, how to breed healthy and strong pedigree dogs, even with a numerically very small population. They are raised between 10 and 12 litters with 60 - 80 puppies per year. These go almost only to the professional hands of professional rangers and hunters.

Photo: Bavarian Mountain Hound (name: Zoran Spod Ruskiej Granicy) by Ralf Lotys (Definitely), CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

Physical characteristics

The Bavarian Mountain Hound It is a strong dog, medium-sized, with a height at the withers of about 44 - 52 cm and a weight of 17 - 30 kg. Males, However, they are larger and heavier than females. For your size, has rather short legs. The standard describes its appearance in this way:

A medium sized dog, harmonious, light, very agile and muscular. The body is slightly longer than tall, slightly raised from behind; leans on legs not too high. The head is carried horizontally or somewhat erect, tail horizontal or slanted down.

The coat must be dense, smooth, moderately rough, low gloss. The standard requires the following colors:

Dark red, deer red, Red brown, yellowish red, also pale yellow (even sand color); reddish gray like the winter hair of the red deer, also brindle or dark flecked.
In the back, the basic color is generally more intense. Muzzle and ears dark.
The tail is almost always dotted dark. A small, clear spot is allowed on the chest (hound star).

The meaning is: The colors must camouflage the dog in its hunting work and not give it away, for example with large white marks.

Character and skills

The Bavarian Mountain Hound is a thoroughbred hunting dog with wide awake senses, but without nervousness. As long as you don't have a smell in your nose, impresses with a thoughtful nature, quiet and extremely gentle, that radiates pure slowdown for us humans. The official standard describes its nature as follows: “Calm and balanced; affectionate with his owner, reserved with strangers. What is required is a stable dog, self-confident, fearless and easy to handle, Neither timid nor aggressive”.

The Bavarian Mountain Hound it is a very capable working dog that performs its tasks conscientiously and with the utmost dedication. Has a strong search instinct and is a master of crawling. Exploring nature with him is, therefore, a very special experience and happiness. The Bavarian Mountain Hound, professionally managed, it is also a very good family dog ​​with a gentle nature.


A Bavarian Mountain Hound it is not a companion dog for the city or for walks in nature, even if they are daily. Not a dog for the home, but a professional hunting dog who wants and needs the job. Otherwise, his attitude is completely undemanding. Therefore, ideally you would live in a house on the edge of the forest or in the country with a garden.

The Bavarian Mountain Hound wants and can go out in all climates. The standard provides information on the conditions of its maintenance:

“In keeping with your hunting purpose as a cloven-hoof tracking specialist, the Bavarian Mountain Hound must possess all the qualities required of it to be useful in difficult follow-up. Utility must be proven by appropriate performance tests”.

Education “Bavarian Mountain Hound”

The Bavarian Mountain Hound is a very friendly and eager to learn four legged friend, that makes it easier for its owner to train and work with him. Because you want and need this guide. But it is not a dog that awaits orders from its owner. Since dogs have been allowed to breed for many generations only if they have mastered many demanding performance tests, your level of training is extremely high. This is at the same time an obligation for the leadership of this dog. Because you need the hunting job, where it feels good. Its element is search work. Here he has taken it to absolute dominance, you also need to live. However, you should take this into account if you are playing with the idea of ​​sharing your life with a Bavarian Mountain Hound as not a hunter.

Care and health

The breed is very easy to care for. Brushing once in a while is enough.

Typical diseases of the breed:

Hereditary diseases are not known.

Nutrition / Food

The Bavarian Mountain Hound is undemanding in his diet.

Life expectancy

The Bavarian Mountain Hound has a life expectancy of about 12 years.

Buy a “Bavarian Mountain Hound”

If you are looking for a dog of this breed, you should contact a breeder affiliated with the Club Bávaro del Bavarian Mountain Hound well in advance of your planned purchase. As a rule, dogs are only handled by rangers or hunters. From time to time, However, it may happen that a dog is looking for another place. But then you should be able and willing to give him living conditions that can be a substitute for his species-appropriate way of life.. A puppy of this breed costs about 1500 EUR.

Characteristics "Bavarian Mountain Hound"

Coexistence is important that you have with your new friend. Before considering the acquisition of a dog of the breed "Bavarian Mountain Hound" you know certain factors. Not all breeds of dogs are apt to live in an apartment, You must take into account their character, their need for exercise, their interaction with other pets, your care and if you have young children, their level of tolerance towards them.

Adaptation ⓘ

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Images "Bavarian Mountain Hound"


1 – Bavarian Mountain Hound, female and male by Canarian, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
2 – “Bavarian Mountain Hound” by Wikimedia
3 – A Bavarian Mountain Scenthound by Canarian, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
4 – Bavarian Mountain Hound during show of dogs in Rybnik – Kamień, Poland by Pleple2000, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
5 – Kafka und Frodo beim ersten Outdoor Treffen und Grillen bei Audigast. Februar 2014. Kafka ist ein Magyar Vizsla und Frodo ein Bayerischer Gebirgsschweißhund by Andreas Kruger
6 – Bavarian Mountain Hound by Pleple2000, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Videos "Bavarian Mountain Hound"

Type and recognitions:

  • Group 6: Scent hounds, and related breeds.
  • Section 2: Trace dogs.. With proof of work..


  • FCI – Group 6: Scent hounds, and related breeds. – Section 2: Leash (scent) Hounds.
  • AKCGrupo FSS
  • ​KCCazadores
  • UKCScenthounds

FCI breed standard "Bavarian Mountain Hound"

FCIFCI - Bavarian Mountain Hound

Alternative names:

    1. Bavarian Mountain Scenthound (English).
    2. Chien de recherche au sang de la montagne bavaroise (French).
    3. Bayerischer Gebirgsschweisshund (German).
    4. (em alemão: Bayrischer gebirgsschweisshund) (Portuguese).
    5. Sabueso bávaro de montaña, Rastreador de Baviera (Spanish).
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