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Silky Terrier
Australia FCI 236 . Toy Terriers

Australian Silky Terrier

The Silky Terrier not appropriate to live with other smaller pets.



The Silky Terrier is a native of Australia dog, Although the types and ancestral breeds were of Great Britain. The ancestors of the Australian Silky Terrier include the Yorkshire Terrier (originating in England and Scotland before being considered) and the Aussie (descended from wire-haired Terriers brought from Britain to Australia in the 19th century 19), but the records do not indicate whether early dogs were simply Terrier Australian born with silky fur, or if there was an attempt to create a breed apart.

In accordance with the American Kennel Club, the race began at the end of the 19th century, being result of crosses between a Yorkshire Terrier and Aussie. At the beginning, the breed became known as “the sydney silk”, since it was located mainly in the city of Sydney, Australia. Although most Australian breeds are listed as working dogs, el Australian Silky Terrier, is considered to be, was raised –mainly- to be an urban pet and companion of the family, but also It is a breed known for killing snakes in Australia.

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Until 1929, the Terrier australiano, the Silky Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier they were not clearly defined, in the same litter, three dogs could be born of breeds that over time were considered, different. According to existing information, they were separated by the appearance in different types once they raised separately.

After 1932 in Australia, miscegenation was tweaking, and in 1955 the name of the race officially became Australian Silky Terrier. The breed was recognized by the national canine Council of Australia, in 1958 in the Toy group.

During and after World War II American soldiers who had been sent to Australia, return to United States, they brought several Australian Silky Terrier. Photographs in the newspapers of the time (1954), They show the soldiers, back home wearing their pets Australian Silky Terrier, and this caused a rise in popularity to the race, and Australian Silky Terrier hundreds were imported from Australia to the United States.

The American Kennel Club He acknowledged the race as the Silky Terrier in 1959, like the United Kennel Club ((UNITED STATES)UU.) in 1965, and the Canadian Kennel Club. The breed is recognized by all major canine clubs of the English speaking world, and internationally by the International Cynological Federation as breed number 236.

Physical characteristics

The Australian Silky Terrier is a Terrier, but is usually placed in the Group of dogs Toy type, instead of the Terrier group, due to its small size. The Federation Cynologique Internationale has a special section of the Terrier group that includes only the smaller dogs, While other canine clubs, place the breed in the Toy group, but universally everyone agrees that the breed type is Terrier.

His mantle's hair is grey, Griffon's soft texture and bluish, smooth and long. It requires constant maintenance and brushing. An Australian Silky Terrier should be about 23 to 25 cm to cross and weighs between 3.6 and 8 kg, Although the steps may vary between the different federations. It should be a little bit longer than that width (about one-fifth longer than the height at the cross).

El Silky terrier australiano, small, almond-shaped eyes. according to the rules, the eyes are considered to lack. The ears are small and erect. It has a tail of high adjustment and small feet, almost like a cat. The hair should be long. The hair on the face and ears is usually cut.

This breed must have with a Barber every three weeks and their teeth should be brushed. Terriers are notorious for having tooth and gum problems..

The layer of Silky Terrier is very susceptible to tangles and mats and requires daily brushing and the hairstyle. This breed requires a deep commitment to the owners. To keep the shiny fur, regular washing is necessary. Using an avocado and oatmeal shampoo will help relieve itchy skin., characteristic dryness of this breed.

Character and skills

The breed standard describes the ideal temperament of the Australian Silky Terrier as a sharp warning and active. They love to have opportunities to run and play, but you must have a well-fenced garden. They also enjoy vigorous walks and play ball. What can be done to combat the boredom will be well received by these small.

Though in the past it was used as mouse-eared dog although currently its main function is to be a pet since it adapts without any problem to life in houses or apartments. Gets along very well with people who respect him and cared for. It can cause problems with other dogs because despite their tiny size they tend to be slightly angry. It is not appropriate to live with other small pets. Thanks that you be walking. Live an average of 15 years.

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