Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier It is a small Terrier dog breed. The characteristics of this breed are its small size, the weight of each 3,2 kg and his hair blue and red fire. The original Yorkshire Terrier was a dog of a 6 to 7 weight kg, used to hunt rats and other rodents that could be found in small spaces.

The name was adopted in 1870, being Yorkshire the English County that gave rise to the race. Huddersfield Ben is considered the mainstay of the race, born in 1865 and died in 1871. Raised by W. Eastwood Huddersfield, born of a cross between mother and son (Inbreeding) He laid the foundations for what would become the future race known as the modern Yorkshire Terrier. Today it is one of the most elegant dog breeds. They are very sensitive with your food, hygiene and well-being.

According to records, Yorkshire Terrier was first popular in the United States race in 2002. His first appearance in a canine exposition took place around 1880, and immediately he found wide acceptance in the public. It currently ranks first in the English breeds, and it is one of the most widespread company dogs around the world.

The Yorkshire Terrier is the product of the combination of English and Scottish Terrier, It occurred when a part of the population of Scotland was displaced due to the Industrial Revolution and settled in England. The races that have led to the Yorkshire Terrier include the Waterside Terrier, the Clydesdale Terrier or Paisley Terrier (extinct race). The Scottish influence is given by the Scottish Terrier, the West Highland White Terrier, the Maltese, the Cairn Terrier and the Skye Terrier.

The height of the Yorkshire Terrier, located between the 30 and 40 cm to the cross. The height must be commensurate with its low weight. Its weight varies between the 2, 3 or 4 kg.

The standard weight of the Yorkshire Terrier is a 3,15 kg, There is Yorkshire's largest and vice versa, but in every single case there is a breed of Yorkshire (standard) and that is the issue around the 3 kg in adulthood.

The minimum weight that can be achieved are between 800 g and reach a maximum of even the 7 kg, in any case the ideal weight - or the appropriate- is the 3 kg, If it weighs more or less, Even so, is still considered an authentic Yorkshire Terrier.

The Yorkshire Terrier called Toy which in English means 'toy' is not registered as one breed. There is a popular belief that says that there are three sizes of Yorkshire: Toy, Standard and large. The reality is that, the Yorkshire Terrier is a dog who should weigh between the 2, 3 or 4 kg There is no other race. The Yorkshire of very reduced size tend to suffer from dwarfism and rickets as well as having cardiac pathologies. You should always remember that a dog should not buy by weight but because of its quality.

Some breeders with lucrative intent suspended mother feeding a few weeks prior to delivery to achieve smaller litters. This malnutrition translates into problems of bones and joints that suffer in adulthood.

Many dog shows in which participates the Yorkshire Terrier are limited to a minimum weight of about 2 kg, the most demanding only accept copies which region the 3 kg in adulthood.

It is recommended always to breeding, males and females of similar weights, While it is true that it is advisable that the male although slightly less than the female, of course it is not advisable to join a female of 1 kg with a male of 3 kg, Since this can give large calves that hamper the development of the female.

A small example of the intersection between Yorkshire Terrier, governed by weight, would be as follows:

  • Female: 1kg - 2 kg >> Male: 1kg-1, 5 kg
  • Female: 2kg - 3 kg >> Male: 1kg-5 lbs
  • Female: 3kg - 4 kg >> Male: 2kg-7 lbs
  • Female: 4kg - 7 kg >> Male: 3kg-6.5kg

The life expectancy of a normal Yorkshire Terrier (2 kg - 4 kg) is of up 15 years (they are equivalent to 76 human years), over there is considered to be special.

The Yorkshire Terrier of less weight, retailing at 2 kg, they usually have a shorter life, hovering between the 9 years (they are equivalent to 63 human years) and 12 years (they are equivalent to 84 human years). But in general is a dog that holds very well the years.

It is an excellent pet. Features of courage and tenacity of the Terrier, and its small size makes it very easy to handle. It knows to communicate their feelings and intentions. He does not like being alone.

The Yorkshire Terrier has very enhanced positive protection instinct to stimulate a positive attitude towards them in human. It is a dog of a great vivacity and intelligence that can guess his master mood. It is very true but has a somewhat brioso temperament (given his past Hunter of rodents) and often become disobedient when it is too spoiled and capricious. It is a dog and, as we all, needed physical exercise, Anyone who can give (with regard to their capabilities). It can be at home as any other mascot but they prefer to spacious and ventilated places.

In addition, It tends to have very good relationship with children and the elderly. It is a good keeper and protects a lot his master. Some Yorkshire Terrier, they tend to be very afraid when they meet a new person, they are very shy at first but soon lost the fear and become more confident and energetic. Also, is a Hunter dog so it can be used perfectly as younger hunting dog, because due to its size, You can enter perfectly into a sandbox of rabbit and do with the dam.

Dogs breeds: Yorkshire Terrier

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I have a puppy of 5 months and is changing hair but I see it grow
My question is at what age they begin to have their long skirts since mine is not so,that means it is not as pure breed

karina castle
karina castle

Hi I have a male 9 weighs months 2k 600. and his face is rather bold, the clear area is only on the muzzle and eyes is clarito ,but all the rest is black, It means it is not as thin or as pure breed, Like I love him but all are surprised my beautiful puppy. Eh leeido that two years is the final color puppy, or stay as it commented??

Naimin Guerrero
Naimin Guerrero

I believe that it is very important to have access to these reports, since they allow us to reduce the errors at the time of breeding and care of our dogs, I have a Yorkshire Terrier's 8 born weeks, but my dog is a love, playful, disciplined, at such a young age already communicates to indicate that you want to make your biological needs, It is soon having in my house but I love it, because when I get you excited and jumps like rabbit, plays like a kitten, has so many cute details, Thank you for providing information.

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