Fox Terrier (wire)
Gran Bretañaa FCI 169 - Large and medium sized Terriers

Fox Terrier pelo de alambre

The fox Terrier possesses unparalleled bravery and an extremely energetic and fiery character.



Terriers form a large group of dogs. Its name is derived from Latin “Terra” for the earth. So they were dogs for work on land. The first evidence is given by the ancient Romans. Already in the Middle Ages terriers are described in detail. His homeland is in the British Isles. Terriers existed across the country. In the stables they kept vermin small. Even the big rats were not a problem for them. The hens, pigeons and rabbits protected them from marten and foxes. To keep chasing foxes, the terriers were sent to the trench. They were supposed to get the fox out of the den. All of these tasks required enthusiastic commitment, special courage, independent thinking and so-called predatory acuity. The Terriers were the world champions back then “sport” from the rat bite. They were not afraid and with every fiber of their being they tried hard to do their job as well as possible.

We can still experience all of these qualities in our terriers today.. They make the special charm of these dogs. Terriers come in all sizes, but they are mostly quite small dogs up to the Yorkshire Terrier of nowadays. But they were all once very busy working dogs. Most small terriers like those Yorkie, the Westie or the Scottish they had their home in the narrow settlements of the emerging industry working class in England or Scotland. Despite her sometimes quite delicate appearance today, they are still whole dogs, yet. They are concise reps with their own heads and bold temperament. Great terriers like him Airedale Terrier they belong to the first service dogs, who worked for the police, customs or army worldwide. Small and medium terriers are still in high demand as hunting dogs, as the Parson Russel Terrier, el Fox Terrier o el German Hunting Terrier.

In times past all terriers formed a large group of dogs, they were especially suitable for the tasks mentioned here. Depending on the special field of application or the surface of the earth, formed different regional lines, that however remained connected to each other. Only modern pedigree dog breeding created genetically separate dog breeds from this., as we know them today. Like this, no less than 34 races, mostly native to england, Ireland, Scotland or Wales. Just the German Hunting Terrier comes from Germany.

Physical characteristics

The Fox Terrier (wire) he is an active and happy dog, small volume in which bones of good substance and great physical strength are combined, never heavy or rough. Its structure presents a perfect balance, particularly with regard to the proportions between the skull and the muzzle, and in the same way between the height at the cross region and the length of the body from the point of the shoulder to the point of the buttock, they look roughly the same. It stands tall like a hunting horse that has a short back and is able to cover a lot of ground.


Height to the cross region: It should not exceed 39 cm in males; females are slightly smaller.
The ideal weight of a developed specimen is 8,25 for males; for females it is slightly lower.

Character and skills

Terriers have a concise nature, that distinguishes them all – with a certain restriction also toroidal terriers. They are extraordinarily temperamental dogs that never say no to any adventure.. They are lively, bright, concise. They don't avoid fights. Little ones especially tend to start fights with other dogs of any size due to their chronic overconfidence.. In general, especially little ones tend to call themselves emperor. This is a challenge for the teacher or caregiver. As construction hunting dogs they are able to make their own decisions, which means they like to be stubborn and stubborn. Terriers can quickly become overbearing if their humans haven't made it clear who determines the house rules.

They are extremely cooperative and docile. It is a great pleasure to work with them. Terriers are faithful to their humans and are very suitable as family dogs, if your strong personality is not only respected, but also appreciated and acted. Hunting terriers especially are characterized by their intelligence and extraordinary courage. They are even capable of searching for a wild boar, lower it and then bark without hurting yourself. Of course they still go to the fox and badger dens. Even if the Yorkies are carried on the arm with bows – and they are happy to bear it – even the smallest terrier is essentially a daredevil and not a lapdog. They are energy packs that love and need a physical and mental challenge.


Keeping a terrier has no problems. They have no demands regarding the size of the apartment. Only grooming is mandatory. The biggest challenge is his temperament. They need physical and mental challenges. Many are very successful hunters. As a companion dog they are suitable for a wide spectrum. Almost all terriers are great for various canine sports. As a running partner, of a cyclist. His high level of physical fitness, their often vigorous health and willingness to work pose both a challenge and an obligation to their masters..

Like most terriers they have a strong hunting instinct, must be kept on a leash in nature. Terriers are very suitable as playmates for children, They are designed for any kind of fun and are robust enough to play with children.. However, the house rules must be correct and the terrier must know his role in the family. Even the smallest terriers should not have room to live their overconfidence and become the children's school teacher.

Fox Terrier (wire) Education

Typical terriers can be very well trained and educated. The clear announcement and the consequence are the miraculous words here based on a respectful and loving relationship with the master or caregiver. Especially with small terriers education is an often underrated chapter. Although they are cute and delicate, they are still a real terrier. They need a consistent education from the puppy's age. Most terriers can be trained on the basis of a good education for the most different tasks.

Fox Terrier (wire) care and health

Terriers are usually very easy to care for. Apart from those with short hair, most terriers need a regular haircut. But they lose comparatively little hair.

Most terriers have robust health. Exceptions to this rule are temporarily fashionable or outward-facing breeds such as Yorkie, the Westi or the Bedlington Terrier, in whose population copper toxicosis has spread excessively, a disease that attacks the liver. The tendency to dwarf with copies of less than 3 kg, which is particularly notable in the Yorkie, leads to damage that can be described as nurturing torture.

Nutrition / Food

Nutrition is not problematic. However, breeds that are oriented towards outward appearances tend to suffer from allergies, what can make a food diet necessary.

Wire terrier Fox Terrier life expectancy

Life expectancy depends on the size of the dogs. The smallest dogs, but not too small, have a longer life expectancy. As a rule, terriers enjoy a long life as a dog, often over 15 years. The lines raised over generations for the “beauty” and especially extremely small specimens, so-called minis dogs, Toy- o Teacup, they usually die much earlier.

Buy a Terrier

It is best to buy your puppy locally from a breeder affiliated with one of the terrier breeding clubs or you can look around the shelters. Between 1.000 and 1.500 euros must be planned as costs.

Characteristics "Fox Terrier (wire)"

Coexistence is important that you have with your new friend. Before considering the acquisition of a dog of the breed "Fox Terrier (wire)" you know certain factors. Not all breeds of dogs are apt to live in an apartment, You must take into account their character, their need for exercise, their interaction with other pets, your care and if you have young children, their level of tolerance towards them.

Adaptation ⓘ

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Dog friendly ⓘ

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Hair loss ⓘ

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Affection Level ⓘ

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Need to exercise ⓘ

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Social Needs ⓘ

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Apartment ⓘ

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Grooming ⓘ

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Stranger Friendly ⓘ

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Barking Tendencies ⓘ

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Health Issues ⓘ

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Territorial ⓘ

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Cat Friendly ⓘ

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intelligence ⓘ

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versatility ⓘ

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Child Friendly ⓘ

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Watchdog Ability ⓘ

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Playfulness ⓘ

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Images "Fox Terrier (wire)"


1 – Fox Terrier pelo de alambre Uploaded from
2 – A Wire Fox Terrier. by Pharaoh Hound / CC BY-SA
3 – Photograph of a Wire Fox Terrier sitting down by Walker Whited / CC BY-SA
4 – wo Wire haired Fox Terriers. Listed on Flickr as “Daisy and Gatsby” by Alicia Nijdam / CC BY
5 – Wire Fox Terrier by
6 – Fox Terrier Wire dog show Racibórz by I, Lilly M / CC BY-SA

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Type and recognitions:

  • Group 3: Terriers.
  • Section 1: Large and medium-sized Terriers. Working trial optional.
  • Federations:
    • FCI – Terriers 1 Large and medium-sized terriers.
    • AKC – Dogs working
    • ANKC – Group 6 (utility dogs)
    • CKC – Miscellaneous list
    • ​KC – Working dogs
    • NZKC – Utility dog
    • UKC – Guard dog

    FCI breed standard "Fox Terrier (wire)"


    Alternative names:

      1. Wire hair fox terrier, Wirehaired terrier, Fox terrier, Wire, WFT (English).
      2. Fox-terrier à poil dur (French).
      3. Wirehaired terrier (German).
      4. Fox terrier de pelo duro (Portuguese).
      5. Wire hair fox terrier, Wirehaired terrier, Fox terrier (Spanish).
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