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Posted by tiadoc | 17 July 2011

- Alemania FCI 181

Schnauzer Gigante

The Giant Schnauzer is a balanced dog, sweet with children and distrustful with strangers.
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The Giant Schnauzer It is a large and compact dog breed, a native of Germany. Oldest, lover of water and active, It is one of the three varieties of Schnauzer.

The Schnauzer breed in its three varieties, It has very old and common to the Terrier origins (of those who descend).

Y, Although the aires were very Terrier, then the breeding and selection of the Schnauzer breed focused especially on the guard and the defence.

In works (prints, pictures, drawings...) at the end of the 15th century were already represented characteristics very similar to the current Schnauzer dogs, along with horses and stagecoaches.

The Giant Schnauzer, in special, appears the documents described in 1832 making reference to cattle and horse farms located in the region of Bavaria (also known as, Highlands of Germany...), in that area the Giant Schnauzer called it "Oberländer".

Anyway until the year 1923 not an official standard of the breed was drafted. Since then, they began to develop the breed, and experts say that the giant variety descended (like the thumbnail) the Standard Schnauzer.

After the first world war, the population of Giant Schnauzer was significantly reduced, due to the disasters of war and that the soldiers used in their battles and were very loyal to that they preferred to die with their masters.

But in the history of almost any breed of dog there is a Savior..., and in this case it was a farm called Kinzigtal, (c) property. Clalaminus who contributed to the restoration of the breed.

It was in this cattery where were the crosses with other dog breeds which resulted in the dominant black Schnauzer. But while there are people who adventure were the intervening races at the crossroads, is something that is really unknown.

Physical characteristics

The fur of the Giant Schnauzer is smooth and dense. Usually, the fur is black or grey color. Its average weight is of the 32 to the 45,326 kg and measured high among 59 and 68 cm.. The proper way to walk of the Giant Schnauzer is trot fast and strong.

The Giant Schnauzer is one of the dogs to guard and defence little known to the public in general, but very appreciated by the fans because there are many qualities of the breed.

Mainly used in Europe in disasters, search for drugs and safety, in the Argentina we see them in national gendarmerie, Aeronautics and, recently, in the national penitentiary service.

The Giant Schnauzer may compete in dog agility trials, go-carting, obedience, Flyball, Schutzhund, the follow-up and the raising of the events. Also, It can be trained to compete in herding trials.

Giant Schnauzer: Standard FCI
Character and skills

He is an impetuous but balanced dog, with extraordinary energy. In addition to being a guardian vigilant has a good-natured character that manifests itself in the desire to play and the delicacy with which treats children.

Its ease of training, value and health of iron are qualities that make it one of the best guard dogs that exist.

It should be noted his ability and willingness of tracking that have made him the ideal dog for security agencies.

That is decided by this race will have a companion dog, always present and willing to show appreciates the, a companion Alegre, playful and a guardian, without fear, beings that love and its territory.

Images of the Giant Schnauzer
  • Otros nombres: Riesenschnauzer / Schnauzer Oso Ruso / Giant Schnauzer / Sooty Bear Schnauzer.
  • Group 2 / Section 1 – Tipo Pinscher y Schnauzer.

Dogs breeds: Giant Schnauzer.

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