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Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier, catalogued as a dog with the look of lamb and lion heart.
HistoryPhysical characteristicsCharacter and skills

The Bedlington Terrier It is a breed of dog that was raised in the 19th century in Northumberland, England, and named after the place of birth, Bedlington.

On 1825, the race renamed the Bedlington Terrier Bedlington. The race was highly valued for the Fox hunting, hares and Badgers. He was also used as a vermin Hunter by miners from Bedlington. Miners exploited his bravery to use it as a dog fight with the dogs of hunters that used perdigueros dogs.

Both the Otterhound and the Dandie Dinmont Terrier they are potential contributors to the race. Some breeders, especially those of England cross the Bedlingtons with Whippets and Greyhounds to produce what they call Lurchers.

  • Alternative names: Rothbury Terrier / Rodbery Terrier
  • Group – Terrier

Dogs breeds: Bedlington Terrier

Physical characteristics

It was created as a breed of fighting and hunting, later became a popular pet. Gentle in appearance, has an arched back, a crest and thick curly coat that can be of various colours, grey, reddish / brown clear or color sand. The race is about 38-40 cm in height and weighs between 10 and 11 kg.

Bedlington Terrier, It has been described as a dog with "eyes of lamb and lion heart", to some extent by his physical appearance (looks like a lamb), but also by its nature.

This breed has a head shaped wedge with penetrating almond-shaped eyes. Its appearance is different from most of the Terrier, It resembles more a hound. Its physical features allow you to run at high speed.

Bedlington Terriers average lifespan is around of 13,5 years.


Their fur tends to be misleading, They seem to be a lamb, but in reality, each hair grows from a hair follicle, It has a cycle of growth, and the die was replaced by another follicle, but the dead hair is still there... abultando.

For which reason, daily brushing is very important if you don't want to have, whole House full of pelos… In addition it is very finite, adheres to any part, and it can even be inhaled, causing problems for allergic persons. Workspace very well to family life and are good with children.

Character and skills

Calmer and less noisy than other Terrier. Usually one moderate behaviour and good character, they are very good companions for families.
If left alone for many hours, they can become very destructive, to get bored easily and all that pillan…, in danger of being destroyed. For which reason, It advisable to give long walks, in which you can run rampant at and release energy.

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