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Artois Hound
Francia FCI 28 . Medium-sized Hounds

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Basset de Artois

The Artois Hound towards their masters is affectionate, mischievous and loyal.



The history of the Basset we can locate in the 7th century in a monastery Ardennes (France) where, monks engaged in raising dogs St. Hubert, and as a result of crossing, the common Basset breed is born, today.

Artois Hound is a native of the region of artois (North France) It is characterized by its rugged terrain and dense vegetation. It is believed that it descends from the Great Artois Hound What, for its part, drops dog San Humberto. He has inherited these talents to pry traces of injured or dead prey and showed his specialty in the game (as the Hare, rabbits…).

Unlike the Normandy Artesian Basset, The Artois Hound, has straight Forelegs. El Basset d'Artois, is one of the ancestors of Basset Hound (What is the most know).

The count Jean H. Emmanuel Comie Le Coulteux Canteleu (1827-1910) He was a writer and French dog breeder. I think the breed of hunting dog with Louis Lane “Norman Artesian Basset” y el “Basset de Artois”. Is known for his book on the secret societies and his anti-Masonic opinions rather than, for his book on the breeds of hunting dogs and hunting in Montería "Manuel de vénerie française", He is regarded as a reference book.

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Until year 1863, this breed of dog was only known by hunters, from that date it is made publicly known in Paris.
It was not until the end of the 16th century that, appeared the first descriptions of these dogs as, Basset of Artois and making of France, the cradle of the race Basset. These dogs are highly valued by their hunting skills.

The crosses with hounds dogs, gave rise to different varieties of Bassets, as Artois Bassets, Norman Artesian Basset, Fawn Brittany Basset, Griffon Vendéen, Blue Gascony, and perhaps, someone else that escapes us...

At the same time a pair of Comte Le Coulteux Basset, they were sent for gift to England. They called them “Basset” and “Bella” they are probably the ancestors of our Basset Hound (English breed of Basset).

Physical characteristics

The Artois Hound are medium-sized dogs, especially used in hunting, vigorous, robust and well balanced.

It has a strong head, wide, quite short, round, small flat top with a small occipital Protuberance. Moderately long neck with very little double chin. Round eyes, or sunk or prominent.
His body is broad and well sustained in the back, waist slightly arched, rump very muscular and broad chest. His hair is dense, short and attached to the body. Tricolor dark, leonado, like the hair of a Hare or Badger, with spots large, likens head, sometimes with black highlights. Ears inserted at the height of the eyes, quite long and wide with rounded ends. The tail is long and strong.

Height to the cross: Males and females: 53 to 58 cm with a tolerance of 1 cm.. Weight: On average 28 to 30 kg.

Character and skills

The Artois is friendly and social. The aggression is totally unusual for this race. You can warn of the presence of strangers, but that would be all, the dog can even move the queue to receive strangers. Even with other dogs or pets, an Artois is us friendly.
A male of Artois, However, It usually has an alpha type personality so it will try to dominate other dogs that live together in the home.

Extremely energetic and playful, You will need much activity for a full development.
It is an excellent jogging companion, cycling or hiking. The dog need vigorous exercise, because if the dog is passive becomes restless, destructive and difficult to handle.

The dog may be doing well in an apartment, but a House with a small patio will be most appropriate. It´s important to provide long walks daily. But, It must take into account that this is a sniffer and walk with the dog without the restriction of a strap can be dangerous not only for the dog, but also for other small pets. An Artois has found an interesting smell can get away from our sight, even to lose.

Observations “Artois Hound”

The bassetismo, is an anomaly of nature that has probably always existed. The first traces of short-legged dogs dating from prehistoric times.

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Alternative names:

Chien d’Artois / Picard / Briquet / Artois Hound / Sabueso artesiano

Type and recognitions:

Group 6 / Section 1.2 – Medium-sized hounds
– Federations: FCI

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  1. they are so beautiful and you see them calm and with those eyes tristones makes you want to bring them and fill them with caresses


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