Basset Hound
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Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a very happy dog, good and very sociable
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The origin of the Basset Hound It, without a doubt, French and one of its closest ancestors is the Artois Hound, that was brought to England in 1.874 along with the Norman artesian Basset, (now extinct), crossing in England in a single race which in turn was crossed with the St. Hubert Hound (using in 1.892 techniques of artificial insemination), favouring, during the selection, copies of most short legs, in order to obtain a dog capable of getting even between the most thick vegetation.

In 1880 is considered to be the first class of Basset Hound in England and also prepared at this time that the first rule and appears that the dichotomy between work and beauty. At the end of the 19th century, the breeding of this breed grows rapidly and the quality of their dogs, also, and they are divided into two lineages, the work and the exhibition. Y, was in 1935 birth name "basset hound", registered first, documented. In 1962, Figure the first litter is registered in France.

United States adopted the race and created a dog only company.

Group 6 / Section 1.3 – Hounds of small size

Dogs breeds: Basset Hound

Physical characteristics

These dogs are around 33 to 38 cm. (on the cross), they have short hair and are generally tricolor (black, honey and white). They also tend to be white with red spots or Red-footed. Some, Although few, they can be gray. They may occasionally leave copies with long hair, Although it is not a desirable feature according to the standard of the breed.

They have very long ears (up to the chest), also long neck with much loose skin and wrinkles around your head, This causes that you have a permanently sad. Its tail is long, erect and a curve.

His short stature is misleading because they are very long and can reach things that dogs of similar Bassets could not.
It has marked degree, characteristics that so admirably equipped to track through difficult terrain. Dog short members, heavier bones, considering its size, than any other breed of dog; and although slow movements, in no sense are clumsy.

The word Basset comes from the French “BAS” that means low and that is the main feature of this breed. The Basset Hound It is a breed of small stature due, fundamentally, their short legs and elongated body. The head is prominent and it highlights a few wrinkled brows (due to the large amount of skin), long drooping ears, a few deep eyes that convey sadness and hanging lips. The skin is flaccid and causes many wrinkles around the body and is covered by a short hair, rough can be of different colors of the Bassets (white, black & Fawn) in any combination.

Character and skills

Low and somewhat plump appearance might suggest it is a lazy dog and something sleazy but this is only an impression, is a loving dog of the year. You need to do plenty of exercise to prevent overweight and arthritis at advanced ages.

A specific care of this breed is the possibility of the development of conjunctivitis due to flaccid around eyes skin (that leads to contain moisture), should be monitored continuously.

His facial expression promises sadness, fatigue, but a dog very Alegre, good and very sociable, She loves children and adapts perfectly to the family environment. Also, Despite his physical appearance, is a dog She loves the exercise, Sport and trips. It can be very stubborn, also, from cachorro…

Nice temperament, never aggressive or shy (only in some cases). It has great strength in the field. Extremely faithful.

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