American Eskimo
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Esquimal Americano

The American Eskimo dog (American Eskimo or “Eskie”) He is a descendant of the North of the continent of Europe from Spitz. When was the 19th century, in United States, selected individuals who had left the different Spitz breeds that had been brought by German settlers white. The result of these crosses was born the current race, disseminated throughout the country thanks to the Circus Barnum and Bailey, He used these dogs in their numbers.

The Eskie is an affectionate dog, playful, and sometimes, a bit dominant and independent. He likes to spend time with their owners and that they give their attention. When you want to (is sometimes a little stubborn), He likes to please and learn with ease. It is a very active dog who loves the snow and cold. With strangers is suspicious, not he changed his mind until that owners show. It is prone to the barking.

This dog breed is occasionally hereditary bone structure and joints problems. Care are the daily brushing and especially at the time of moulting. It has a ' self-cleaning ' layer so it does not require frequent baths; After the bath should be dried carefully to avoid skin problem.
The standard size measured between 38 and 48 cm.; the miniature between 30 and 38 cm.; the Toy of 30 cm. (females always measured 2,5 cm. less), the weight will of of 3 - 18 kg, Depending on whether it is standard and miniature. The fur is white or white creamy, their average lifespan is about thirteen years.

It is affectionate and very intelligent and very fond of children.

He relates well with other dogs, is a guard dog, Protector, It is usually trained narcotics detection, is agile, obedient and competitive.
You need rides and you can be happy with a small garden.

American Eskimo

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