Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

The Dandie Dinmont It is a kind of Terrier developed on the border between England and Scotland.
Its name is the result of a novel written by Walter Scott, "Guy Mannering" which was published in 1814, the author called his protagonist Dandie Dinmont, He was a kind-hearted but lonely farmer engaged in raising this breed. The novel was so famous that these Terrier, they inherited the name of his master.

Since the 18th century it was the dog of hawkers originating in eastern Scotland.
Is curved and delicate elongate body, short legs and a large dome-shaped head, crowned by a silky tuft. Their fur, is of rough texture (a combination of rough and smooth coat, rather) It can be brownish or yellowish (sand). Measured between 20 and 28 cm in height and weighs in 8 to 11 kg.

The Dandie Dinmont It is one of the Terrier more brilliant and more independent. It is the most demanding, dignified and relaxed at home, the Dandie is quite stubborn, but only when their Hunter instincts are awaken. Its body is long and low height, It is not a race to run long distances. He is satisfied with daily walks and play every day, at least one time.

Although very diplomat with other dogs, the Dandie Dinmont Terrier is sure of himself and defends its territory (is quite territorial…). Being male, In addition, It will not fly back in any confrontation. It is risky and bold

It is a very intelligent dog, insurance, and, for this reason, requires a clear and consistent education. Good training is, include food rewards and praise, because the Dandie Dinmont is sensitive and proud. It is also important, provide training on a gradual basis, because if the training becomes heavy and little friendly, We get a negative response, of non-cooperation.

It is quieter than the majority of other Terrier. But it retains a living hunting instinct, and that means that any smaller animal awakens him a great curiosity, that is why if you are going to share a House with a cat, rabbit or Hamster, is good to connect them from puppy.

This Hunter instinct might be a danger if you wear loose, and if not yet trained enough, because you can see an animal and leave him without recognizing frontiers…

For that reason, from an early age is important to teach who is charge, because that Hunter instinct makes it quite stubborn or "stubborn". So clearly..., patience, coherence, firmness and pampering.

The Terrier, they are generally much tendency to Growl, in the case of Dandie Dinmont, usually not recommended for young children because it holds not the type of game that includes slap, take the rabo… They are territorial, and will defend their food and toys of who cross his path, whether or not child...

The Dandie Dinmont Terrier requires hair cut every few months, to keep his coat healthy and free from knots.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

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