Bouvier des Ardennes
Bélgica FCI 171 - Dogs Boyeros (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)

Boyero de las Ardenas

The Bouvier des Ardennes He is distrustful with strangers but very faithful to its owner.



The Bouvier des Ardennes It is a rare breed of dog originating in Belgium.

Since its inception, the Bouvier des Ardennes, He was raised to take care and drive cattle. Today is still used for such purposes, but also often seen as a pet. Although his passion of live outdoor continues it as an excellent dog for work in general on the farm, for driving of herds and the custody of private farms.

Formerly, He was known as "in the Belgian Ardennes cattle dog", the harsh climate and the rugged relief, coupled with the poverty of the region, They carried that are very strong and resilient dogs, Since only survived the strong and healthy specimens.

In the 19th century, It was used by poachers to trap deer and wild boar, became, years. At that time, during the two world wars, in the Hound of the illegal Hunter.

It is the 27 in April of 1903, in an exhibition of Liège, such a teacher Reul see "Tom", the first dog with dog type Bouvier ideal format. In the 1913 "melt the"Society liejesa for the improvement of the dog of the province of Liège and the Ardennes boyero”, It draws up a draft standard. The final text was formalized by Belgium in 1923 and published by the F.C.I. the 16 in June of 1963.

In the past, "all the dogs who worked with livestock were called"Bouvie"r" (Dog of the bovine species). Y, There was a variety of dog pstor different in each region, Although retaining commonality. They were very much appreciated by the ganaderon dogs, muleteers and merchants. As civilization evolved, appeared vehicles, for example, and needs in the world of agriculture varied, traders were not used dogs as transport, for example. To this we must add, devastating was the bloody struggle of the first world war, "where most of the"Bouviers"they were removed". Many of the rarer types have become extinct altogether, as the Bouvier Roulers, the Moerman Bouvier, and the Paret Bouvier.

[stextbox id=”info” float=”true” width =”340″]The disappearance of numerous estates in the Belgian Ardennes, coupled with the decline of dairy herds (product of the war), edujo considerably the number of dogs, taking it almost on the verge of extinction.

Varieties that remain are the Cowbird of the Ardennes and Bouvier Flandres. Both France and Belgium have argued that the dog of Flanders is his native, and the FCI registered with the dubbed “Franco-Belge”, to prevent discord.

In the year 1990, farmers are engaged in breeding dogs that imagine as much as possible to the typical characteristics of the standard, on the basis of this lineage of the Ardennes.

Physical characteristics

The Bouvier des Ardennes is a large dog, males have a height of 56 to 62 cm., and females in 52 to 56 cm.. The weight of the males is of 28 to 35 kg and females in 22 to 28 kg.

The coat is adapted so that they can live outdoors and care and drive herds, regardless of the inclement weather, According to the seasons of the year, very extreme in their region of origin.

The hair of the surface should be dry, rough and tangled. It measures each 6 especially the body cm, but it is shorter and more smooth on the skull. It notes the presence of short bangs on the back of the forearm. The back of the thighs is covered with long hair as a shawl. The outside of the ears is covered in short hairs. The inner layer of hair, is dense in all seasons, It is most abundant in winter.

All colors are accepted, except for the White. The color of the hair from the background varies depending on the color of the hair from the surface. Although it is not desirable, accepted a white mark on the backsplash or white at the tip of the fingers. The fur is often gray hairs, intermingled black or fawn. There is also a grey fur, that goes from light grey to dark grey, and Brown fur, Red or straw-colored.

Character and skills

Now is an excellent dog family companion, where has your daily dose of exercise and good walks in the open air. It will always be happy when you have a job to do, as for example, care of children.

He is distrustful with strangers but very faithful to its owner.

Observations and tips

It is only known in its country of origin.

Images Bouvier des Ardennes

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Type and recognitions:

  • CLASSIFICATION FCI:Group 1 –> Sheepdogs and Cattle (except Swiss Cattle Dogs). / Section 2 –> Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs). With working trial.
  • FCI 171
  • Federations: FCI , UKC , ARBA
  • FCI nomenclature of Cowherd race of the Bouvier des Ardennes
  • Bouvier des Ardennes FCI

Alternative names:

    1. Bouvier des Ardennes (English).
    2. Bouvier des Ardennes (French).
    3. Bouvier des Ardennes, Ardennen-Treibhund (German).
    4. boieiro das Ardenas (Portuguese).
    5. Boyero de las Ardenas (Spanish).
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