Majorca Mastiff
España FCI 249 - Molossoid - Dogo

Ca de Bou

The Majorca Mastiff is a gentle dog, extremely affectionate with their owners, faithful to his master



The Majorca Mastiff or Silverback, It is a breed of dog native of Mallorca.

According to historians of the race, in very ancient times, dogs often accompanied their masters in commercial and cultural exchanges, by sea between the different peoples of Mediterranean waters.

The role of the dogs, years. At that time, It was the defense against possible attacks of pirates and Buccaneers more than once suffered by merchants in the coastal ports. Then, the dog that was used for such tasks of guard was the so-called Doge of the Iberian Peninsula.

In the 18th century, as one of the consequences of the Treaty of Utrecht, Minorca became a British colony.

Y, as always happens in this changes at borders..., the canine world also had its part. It was then that the British began to cross their dogs guard and fight with the Doge of the Iberian Peninsula.

This cross, Some historians claim, was born the Majorca Mastiff, more later settled and developed as a breed of dog in the nearby Majorca.

In the Spanish book of origins of the year 1923, longer the Ca de Bou as a breed of dog. In 1928 Enroll to the first copy and the year 1929 the Ca de Bou was winner at the Barcelona dog show exhibition.

Physical characteristics

He has a bulky head, solid and the skull is wide. The eyes are oval and somewhat oblique; in the color, the more dark best. The ears are short and played backwards. The body is a massif with included belly. The forelimbs are strong and the tail reaches to the Hock. The coat is short and rough.

The favorite colors in your order are: the striped, the Fawn and black. In the striped prefer the dark tones in the leonados the intense nuances. The white spots are admitted in the previous members, chest and tolerated up to a maximum of 30 % the surface of the body. The black mask is also supported.

The Bou Ca or Dogo Mallorquin, It is a dog reserved and suspicious with strangers. It has an extraordinary adaptation, but it is not a dog to place in any hand. Their education and socialization should be initiated as soon as possible because the breed is naturally dominant.

The care of the fur is a simple weekly brushing and a regular cleaning of the ears and eyes. It is a rustic dog is well adapted to changes in temperature and supports well the inclement weather.

Character and skills

It is a gentle dog, extremely loving with their owners, faithful to his master, are you educated firm and sweetly at the same time. It is a race obedient and insobornable, excellent guards of property and persons. Little barking and balanced. With much security in itself, shown deterrent with the intruders but is not aggressive.

It can be dominant towards their fellow human beings of the same sex. The female has a tendency to be more manageable than the male. Life in apartment, is only recommended, If daily it takes long walks and exercising.

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Type and recognitions:

  • CLASSIFICATION FCI:Group 2 –> Pinscher and Schnauzer-Molossoid - Dogs Swiss Mountain and Cattle. / Section 2.1 –> Molossoid breeds, Mastiff Type. Without working trial.
  • FCI 249
  • Federations: FCI , UKC
  • FCI standard Majorca Mastiff breed

Alternative names:

    1. Mallorquin Mastiff, Mallorquin Bulldog, Silverback (English).
    2. Dogue de Majorque (French).
    3. Ca de Bou (German).
    4. Ca de bou, Dogo maiorquino (Portuguese).
    5. Dogo mallorquín, perro de presa mallorquín, Presa mallorquín (Spanish).
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