Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound (Greyhound or Irish Wolfhound) It is the largest breed of dog that there is; adults reach an average height of between 95 and 100 cm to the cross.

Known since the year 395, they are descended from the lebreles used by the Celtic Ireland the hunting of the Wolf, Deer, and other large dams; later the Romans imported it from Ireland and is associated with the German Doge and the Deerhound.

In 1862 the captain of the British Navy George A.. Graham rescues the breed from extinction using sporadic crosses Doges and Deerhound to strengthen the characteristics of the few copies that were.

He holds the title of being the dog of greater stature in tight with the great Dane world while it may appear higher because of their shorter back , head to the snout that is slightly pointed skull measure the same, almond-shaped eyes of dark, small rose-shaped ears. The neck is long and muscular, chest deep, well developed, the top line is slightly curved, the tail is long and also curved.

Hair is thick, strong and hard, with regard to the length of the hair, short to medium-sized. The colour of the mantle may be grey, striped, red, black, white, Griffon.

The Irish Wolfhound is one of the most docile in the canine world dogs that are called the “friendly giant”. This type of dogs would be ideal for living with children if not for the size, You can get to frighten children, and hinder their management.

It is well balanced, tenacious work and very attached to their owners. It has a capacity of learning media. His nobility is not recommended as a guard and protection dog, Although its size greatly imposes.

His instinct for herding and hunting is high, as well as its adaptability to live together with children and other dogs.

To stay healthy, needed between 20 and 40 minutes of daily exercise, and it must feed on an elevated surface to prevent gastric torsion; the most common problem that these giants are.

Given its size, is a dog of short longevity; the lucky ones come to live 10 years being the average 7.

Irish Wolfhound

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