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The Malinois is vigilant, always active and alert. He has an innate aptitude as a flock guardian…



The Malinois is one of the 4 Belgian Shepherd varieties, its name comes from the Belgian city of Mechelen (Mechelen Dutch, French Malines), town that saw it born.

The first standard of this variety was written by Professor Reul, of the Club du Chien de Berger Belge, to be adopted in 1892. The appearance, skills and most of the physical characteristics in this standard, they are almost identical to the current. Its origins are the same as those of wire-haired dogs.

This variety, little known, of Belgian Shepherd is a breed of utility par excellence and is very appreciated by trainers of dogs work and people who participate in various tests of competition as Schutzhund.

In addition to his civil aspect as "athlete" competition, It is also frequently used by the armed forces, for example the Mexican army who used it to attack.

They are very popular in Belgium, France and America, the first Malinois they arrived in United States in 1907, to be used by the police, due to their temperamental characteristics.

Currently the Malinois It was a better option for the election of the army and police to difference of the German Shepherd, Although does not have the same force as the German Shepherd, the Malinois surpasses this in resistance and availability to work, Moreover the level of intelligence is similar, even many creators who have worked with both races, They claim that it is superior.

Its development is closely linked to sport, in particular the French Ring and their dissemination at the global level. In fact, in 1900 organized the first tests with jump of obstacles, obedience and a program of bite and 1909 in Paris, is the first World Championship in Ring, from which, is carried out each year.

Physical characteristics

The Malinois shared standard with each other 3 varieties of Belgian Shepherd, differentiating these only in the length, type and hair color. His hair is short on the body, without fringes in limb or tail, the color is carborane Brown and presents dark mask on the face.

His robust Constitution allows you to easily adapt to life in the open air and withstand the environmental conditions of climate as difficult as the Belgium.

More than four decades ago that lines of beauty and work are not mixed together. The Malinois It is above all a breed of utility and if there is something that it is becoming known around the world for, it is for its good attributes for work while still seeing that it is not a dog that resists all terrain, in strength is surpassed by the German Shepherd and some Bull type dogs, but it is still an exemplary dog.

Therefore, It is not a variety whose upbringing go primarily oriented to the official type that sets the standard, namely: the beauty.

This explains that his standard has a fairly broad margin compared with other races classified by the FCI, that is why it should not surprise found with copies that differ in size and height.

Character and skills

He is a guard dog, always active and alert. He has an innate aptitude as a flock guardian, and it is a tenacious and ardent supporter of his master, bringing together all the qualities needed to be a sheep dog, guardian, of Defense and service.

Despite their heterogeneity of characters these examples stand out for their vitality, loyalty, vivacity, vehemence, innate aptitude of guardian and his obsession with instinctive to cash in and bite objects. And as often have an intuitive nature towards things for his excellent sense of olfactory sensory perception and is a good Hound, and here the dogs exceeding probably is the German Shorthaired.

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Otros nombres:

Belgian Malinois / Berger Belge Malinois / Mechelaar / Mechelse Herder / Mechelse Scheper / Pastor Belga Malinois

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