American Mastiff
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Mastín Americano

The American Mastiff He was raised to be a family dog, they attest to this character and temperament



The American Mastiff "is a breed dog trotting kind that was developed over many years of selective breeding by Fredericka Wagner of"Flying W Farms” (Kennel dedicated to the race), in Piketon, Ohio, ago 20 or 25 years (the truth is that me I burned eyelashes looking for date exacta… and I have not given her).

The objective was to develop a dog that had the size, temperament, the provision, and the appearance of the Mastiff breed, but with fewer health problems and did not lose as much saliva as other varieties of dog Mastiff, and that life expectancy was greater.

To carry out the objective, during the early development of the race felt that the best selection was crossing a English Mastiff with a Anatolian Mastiff.

Y, so it was like the current American Mastiff, entered our history. "Through a very selective breeding that will have left by the way to many"attempts to"of American Mastiff"… as with all breeds.

THE American Mastiff is recognized and registered in the Continental Kennel Club (CKC), He was recognized as a purebred in January of the year 2000. He was raised to be a family dog, and it shows in the description of their character and temperament

We must not confuse the American Mastiff with the 'Mastiff American Panja’, since it has lines of Pit Bull and Rottweiler, among others.

"There are currently only nine American Mastiff breeders authorized by United States and part of the"CAMA"acronym for"American Mastiff Breeders Council (Consejo de Criadores de Mastín Americano)”:

Physical characteristics

The American Mastiff He is a great dog size and scope with a moderately broad head, drooping ears and eyes with nice expression of brown or amber color, the more dark best.

It has thick, powerful neck, chest wide and deep, very muscled back. The tail is wide at the base and will decrease to the end takes her hanging and in rest position forms a slight curve. They have a generous jaw with bite in scissors and the teeth are not visible when you have the mouth shut.

The legs are strong, well separated and heavy bones. The feet are large, round and compact. The overall appearance should be slightly longer in body than in height proportions.

The height at the cross in the males is of 81 - 91 cm and the weight of 73 - 91 kg. Females are slightly smaller, measuring of 71 - 86 cm. to the cross and weigh in 64 - 82 Kg.

The coat should be short and dense, color Fawn, Apricot or striped. The muzzle should be dark as about the orbits of the eyes and extends upward between them forming a mask (key feature of this breed).

Character and skills

The American Mastiff It, generally, a quiet dog and wonderful with children. They are loyal and affectionate dogs who are not aggressive by nature but perceive danger and need to protect your family, will draw all the power that is available.

While they love to sleep and remolonear Sun, daily exercise will keep them more shaped and happier. It is good for their health, physical and mental to walk regularly.


The life expectancy is an American Mastiff of 10 - 12 years.

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25 April, 2014 12:26 am

In the photo seems a lot by the mastiff , English origin.. not to say that it is the same

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