Canarian Warren Hound
España FCI 329

Podenco Canario

The Canarian Warren Hound is brave, decided to, generous and extremely loyal to his master.

The Canarian Warren Hound It is a breed canine Spanish Canary.

The Canarian Warren Hound, It is one of the oldest breeds that are known today, According to scholars of race data of ago 7000 years. This realize the numerous found vestiges of its representation in engravings, statues and bas-reliefs.

A native of Egypt, probably, He was taken by the Phoenicians, Greek, the same Egyptians to the Canary Islands and Carthaginian, where it is currently easy to see in the larger islands (Gran Canaria and Tenerife).

Since its inception, the Canarian Warren Hound has been located in the natural environment and in power of the farmer who needed to hunt to survive. Given the perfect hunting qualities of this dog: his sense of smell, his ear and sharp vision, as his great speed in the race after the dam, the peasant has had, always, a wonderful ally, It has been able to take advantage of.

The Canarian Warren Hound, as its name suggests it is found in the Canary Islands, and a dog is little known and disseminated outside their place of origin, It is not easy to find puppies.

To the present day, is perfectly adapted, both the flat lands as stony and mountainous, Sandy, or soft as meadows or swingeing; You can both enter caves that penetrates in Lava Tubes or galleries, in thickets or forests, in the end, not arredra before no obstacle.

Physical characteristics

The Canarian Warren Hound, is a dog from size medium, very light but tough.

The height to the cross males will of 55 a 64 cm and the females of 53 a 60 cm.. These measures have 2 cm tolerance up or down.

Has the muscles hyper developed and not adipose panniculus present is easy to appreciate the ribcage, the spine and hip bone.

Has the head elongated with little pronounced stop, the eyes are small, almond-shaped and oblique.

Their ears they are rather large, When the Earth State of arousal keeps them in erect and fall backwards when it is at rest, they are wide at the base and end up in tip.

The limb perfectly Plumb, they are straight, has fine but strong bones. The tail is low, You can take the low or sickle-shaped, but does not exceed Hock.

The hair the Podenco Canario is smooth, tight and short. In the layer color combinations within the following are supported colors: Red and white, with more or less intense red, and finally, Orange to mahogany.


These dogs start to hunt from an early age, giving cases of animals less than three months that show strong hunting instinct.

When they discover and/or they chase prey, they emit a characteristic short and repetitive bark, local hunters known as "sing a rabbit".

Canarian Warren Hound: Standard FCI

GENERAL APPEARANCE: It is a medium-sized dog, slightly elongated, leptosomatico, light, very resistant. The skeleton is well developed. The absence of adipose panniculus allows you to appreciate the relief of the ribcage, spine and hip bones. The muscles are his, spandrel, transluciendo contractions through the skin.

IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS: Slightly longer than high. Well developed chest, without reaching the elbow. Muzzle slightly longer than the skull.

TEMPERAMENT / BEHAVIOR: Brave, nervous, restless and radiating a dynamism. Noble, never aggressive. Selflessly addicted to its owner. Stoically supports more rigorous sessions without the less fatigue.

HEAD: Elongated. Truncated cone shaped, very provided with the body, measuring length 21 a 22 cm.. Parallel skull and facial lines.


  • Skull: Longer than width, plane, with prominent occipital bone.
  • Depression links (Stop): Not very marked.


  • Truffle: Wide, sand color, harmonized with the coat color, slightly open nostrils.
  • Snout: Prominent and wide, dull finish, flesh-colored with more or less intensity in harmony with the color of the fur.
  • Lips: Fine and collected, harmonized with the color of the nose.
  • Teeth: Bite in scissors, in perfect opposition and well-developed.
  • Eyes: Oblique, almond-shaped and small. More or less dark amber depending on the intensity of the color of the layer. His gaze is smart and noble.
  • Ears: Rather large. Carried erect in attention, slightly divergent. Take them back to sleep. Wide at its base and pointy at the end.

NECK: Muscular, straight, with smooth skin, without jowl, rounded and flexible.


  • Back: Strong, muscular, suitable for the race and exercise of hunting.
  • Pork loin: Somewhat elongated.
  • Rump: Something solid bones of the rump, more visible in the exemplary weak or in full hunting season.
  • Breast : Chest with no outgoing sternum, well developed, But however it does not reach the elbow. Oval ribs.
  • Chest perimeter more in 5 a 8 cm as height on the cross.
  • Belly: Collected, without being the Greyhound. Well marked flanks.

TAIL: Lowest insertion, as a continuation of the rump. Rounded, It descends somewhat lower than the Hock. Fall or carried in a sickle-shaped. Something sharp at the tip which is usually white in color. Never screwed. Desirable not to raise in excess to the March.


PREVIOUS MEMBERS: Perfectly Plumb, straight, vertical and parallel, fine but solid bone. Cat feet, generally something diverted outwards. Strong and somewhat oval pads.


  • Angles scapulo-humeral: about 110 °.
  • Humeral-radial angles: about 140 °.

LATER MEMBERS: Plumb, straight, strong, muscular, rather high Hock (some 18 cm from the ground). Straight feet, CAT, with strong and slightly oval pads. Without the presence of spurs.


  • Coxal-femoral angle: about 110 °.
  • Stifle-tibial angle: about 120 °.
  • Angle of the Hock: about 130 °.

MOVEMENT: You must have a fast trot, long and very light.

SKIN: Consistent, attached to the body and without wrinkles.


HAIR: Smooth, short and tight.

COLOR: Preferably red and white, the Red can be more or less intense coming from Orange to dark red (Mahogany). All combinations of these colors.


Height at the withers for males: of 55 a 64 cm.. For females: of 53 a 60 cm..

These measures may vary due to the different land where living and hunting, therefore to accept differences in 2 cm above or below the minimum or maximum size, provided that the copies are typical and the prototype of the breed.

FAULTS: Any deviation from the above criteria is considered missing and the seriousness is considered the degree of deviation to the standard and its impact on the health and welfare of the dog.


  • Excessively wide head.
  • Too marked stop.
  • Hanging lips.
  • Absence of premolars.
  • Prognathism.
  • Ears very divergent.
  • Flat chest.
  • Outgoing sternum.
  • Threaded queue.
  • Low or cow hocks.
  • Crossing of front feet and hocks in gear.
  • Aggressive temperament.
  • Any dog showing clear physical abnormalities or behavioral signs shall be disqualified.

N.B.: Los machos deben tener dos apariencia testiculos normal completamente descendidos en el escroto.

Character and skills

The Canarian Warren Hound is an animal not showing aggressiveness usually, extremely loyal and noble to teammate, restless, independent, stubborn, worker and intelligent.

It´s brave and decided to, the race is fast and very agile, generous and extremely fell to its owner.

There are no guard and defense attitudes, at home it is "all unknown friend", What makes it ideal as a pet.

If you are raised inside of a Home, Once overcome the first six months of hyperactive life, shown as a quiet animal and customize, attitude changes drastically once comes to the field of hunting.

In its role of Hunter He has always dedicated to the House of the rabbit and its most important feature is the ability that has to adapt to any type of terrain. It is capable of detecting the presence of the press inside cracks thorny bushes or stone walls, Podenco Canario only to follow the trail of the dam with the smell but not catch it.


In the Canary Islands is used in conjunction with the huron, Since the latter catches the rabbit by the throat.

Images of the Canary Warren Hound
The Canary Warren Hound videos
  • Otros nombres: Kanarischen Podenco / Canarian Warren Hound / Canary Islands Hound.
  • Group 5 / section 7 -Primitive type of hunting.

Dogs breeds: Canarian Warren Hound

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