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Belgian Shepherd Tervuerense
Bélgica FCI 15 . Sheepdogs

Pastor Belga Tervuerense

The Belgian Shepherd Tervuerense He is very observant and attentive to any changes in their environment.



The Belgian Shepherd Tervuerense is one of the four varieties into which the Belgian Shepherd. The name of Tervueren is due to the Belgian city of Tervuren where was selected.

At the end of the 19th century, in Belgium there was a large number of herding dogs whose type was heterogeneous and their coats were of great diversity. In order to put order into this situation, some cinófilos (cinógrafos) enthusiasts formed a group led by Professor A. Reul, the school of veterinary medicine of Cureghem, who can be considered as a true pioneer and founder of the race.

The Belgian Shepherd officially born as a race between 1891 and 1897. The 29 in September of 1891, the “Belgian Shepherd Dog Club” is founded in Brussels and that same year, the 15 November, Professor A.. Reul manages to gather in Cureghem, 117 dogs, allowing you to carry out a census and form a group with the best copies. In the following years becomes a real selection, making an extreme inbreeding on some stallions.

The 3 in April of 1892, the "Dog Club" Belgian Shepherd” drafted a first well-detailed standard of the breed. Was admitted a single race, with three varieties of hair. In any case, at that time, the Belgian Shepherd was only a dog of humble people and therefore a breed that still lacked prestige. Therefore, is not until 1901 that the first Belgian Shepherds were registered in the Book of Origins of the Société Róyale Saint Hubert (L.O.S.H.).

In the course of the next few years, the leaders of the cinephile fans Belgian Shepherd they tenaciously devoted themselves to unify the type and correct the defects. We can affirm that towards the 1910 the type and character of the Belgian Shepherd they were already established.

Through the history of Belgian Shepherd, the issue of the different varieties and accepted colors has given rise to many controversies. On the other hand, As far as morphology is concerned, the character and fitness to work, There has never been any disagreement.

Physical characteristics

According to the classification scheme of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, It's four different from same breed varieties. Other organizations such as American Kennel Club they only recognize the Groenendael under the name of Belgian Shepherd. The cynological organizations of Australia and New Zealand classify them as four different breeds.

But, in many countries like Canada, Great Britain, Puerto Rico, Mexico and South Africa, among others, using the classification of the CRF, recognizing them as four varieties of the same species.

From the middle ages are known, only that in those times there were different varieties classified solely by their function and not so much by their morphology since the interest in their breeding was based on the search for an efficient breed for grazing.

Along with the Malinois, Groenendael and the Tervueren shares the same standard and differs only in the type, length and color of hair, It is long in the body except the face is where short, carborane Brown, supports a small white patch on the chest and should be darker mask.

Like all Belgian Shepherd, the Tervuren is a medium sized dog, square and proportionate body belonging to the family of herding dogs. Males measure about 62 cm to the cross, and weigh, approximately between, 25 and 30 kg. Females are lighter and proportions minor measuring around 58 cm to cross and weighing approximately 20 to 25 kg.

He is recognized by his double and bulk the mantle, generally brownish with some degrees and shadow in black, including his characteristic black mask. A small white spot is permitted, as well as nails and bearings.

You need to be brushing regularly to remove the dead hairs, but in general, his mantle of hair does not tend to return woolly. A well-maintained fur will be somewhat hard to the touch, falling weight and staying glued to the body of the animal (Unlike, for example, the hair of a Samoyed).

Naturally it will tend to lose hair, but if it is not removed it could hang on the hind limbs, and form knots.

The Tervueren, can be - also- of color Sable or grey, but it may be penalized in beauty competitions in some countries according to the standard that is handled. Though, Obviously, in tests of utility and work will not color that is judged to be but its suitability.

Character and skills

The Belgian Shepherd Tervuerense they are very active and intelligent dogs that require a job to keep them busy. Such activities can go from: tracking, obedience, agility, flyball, Save and defense, detecting bombs and drugs, going to sports like him Schutzhund and end up using it for search and rescue of people and victims in accidents and avalanches.

as pets, the Tervueren, they are loyal and form strong ties with his family, what they seek to defend at all costs of strangers and dangers to humans who loves.

Dogs are very observers and attentive to any changes in their environment, This makes them excellent animal to monitor. Some specimens may be nervous, This will depend on the aging, Genetics and the kind of experiences that have been submitted at an early age, That is why it is very important to give them adequate socialization from puppies and expose them to the greatest amount of stimuli., everyday situations and people.

We must train them and exercise them constantly and not wait to the animal as if by magic to become a well educated dog.

Like the others Belgian Shepherd, the Tervueren it is generally not recommended as a first dog due to the possible inexperience of the owners to handle this dog so Active.

Adult males clearly presented a stamp male and adult female female printing. His appearance will be screened elegance and alert. The race is known for his loyalty and versatility. Those who have often be delighted and praise his intelligence, the training facility, and perhaps, first and foremost: his sense of humor.

Its performance is excellent in various types of activities. Although in America it is still a relatively rare breed, little by little and with firm and safe passage, It is getting established.


The Belgian Shepherd Tervuerense remains in its natural state, Except for a light brushing, it does not require a specific cut or cosmetics..

Bathing him and cut the hairs around the feet help to emphasize the shape of the same if you want to use as animal for show ring.

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Otros nombres:

Pastor Belga Tervueren / Belgian Tervuren / Chien de Berger Belge / Tervueren

Type and recognitions:

  • Group 1: Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)
  • Section 1: Sheepdogs. With proof of work..

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