Irish Terrier

Terrier Irlandés

The Irish Terrier (In English: Irish Terrier) It is a dog that originated in Ireland. One of the many types of Terrier. Red fire and rectangular – It is as an Irish Terrier could be described.

It is active, and fits both rural life and the environment of city. His red coat, rough protects it well in all kinds of weather. And although it has never been a race that has become fashionable, those who have one often become lovers and/or breeders dedicated to the same.

A medium sized approximately of a Terrier 45.5 cm to the cross and 12,25 weight kg. The formation of the Irish Terrier differs markedly from other Terrier. His body is, proportionally, longer that the for the Fox Terrier, with a tendency towards strong and marked lines.

Its color may be reddish-gold, Rojo-Trigo, or wheat. Dark red is often thought that it is the only correct colour, possibly, because the hair color of wheat robes - commonly present- the lowest quality. As with other kinds of solid colors, a small batch of white is allowed on the chest. Any other white viso is allowed. When the Irish Terrier aging, certain traces of grey hair might appear in some parts of the body.

Its origin is not clear, It is believed to be derived of the great black and very old breeds of Terrier of Great Britain and Ireland like his cousin the Kerry Blue Terrier.

The first presentation of this breed dates back to the 18th century, Although the century past still there were dogs of this breed for more colors and developed in isolated regions, where formed his current appearance. Irish Terrier, originally from County Cork, Ireland, It is probably one of the oldest breeds of Terrier. Two thousand years of age, Although the latest images we have of this race is a painting of the 18th century.

He is a keen Hunter and an animal's burrow exterminator, such as water rats and otters. The race has also been used as a collector and Messenger in times of war. This is why in 1918 He was awarded a medal, which says, among other things: “It has always distinguished by the audacity and the total disregard for the danger”.

The Irish Terrier became very popular in England at the end of the 19th century. The club for the breed, the United States was not born until 1896. In the news, the Irish Terrier or Terrier Irish, It is used as a companion dog and loyal guardian home. His talents include: hunting, tracking, collection, monitoring, Guard, military and police work.

Education must be constant and full of seriousness and firmness, but with love, It is suitable for any thing that can teach a dog.

Rough fur should be cut regularly and you need a healthy and balanced diet, Although the Irish Terrier devours everything that falls in their tusks. It is a very healthy breed and is not suffering from inherited diseases of importance. It will agree to live in an apartment provided that it has enough exercise. A small courtyard is enough to keep you happy. While it is well exercised behaves surprisingly well indoors.

As it is a breed of working, need regular exercise. Walking in public places must be careful to meet with other dogs, that often bully with his species.

Bold character, is bold face of danger, intelligent and easy to educate. Sportsman, quarrelsome, tough and full of energy. It is bold, vivaracho and cheerful. It has great loyalty and attachment to his master and family being loving and patient with children. It avoids any match if it is on these occasions. His loyal and friendly nature towards his master turned him into a remarkable dog in tasks of surveillance and company.

It has been defined in the past as “small bold Devil” by his exceptional skills of value, Today it is a nice dog, affectionate, trainable, that does not lack dignity. Today, the Irish Terrier, is a prized companion dog, He lives well even in city and in any weather.

Due to its altitude is dog to work underground and can only be in tejoneras. Exterminating Silent Hunter of rabbits and rats. Is often used in Ireland for the control of dogs and dog defense. Because of his endurance is ideal for sports people (fondistas, cyclists, etc.).

Dogs breeds: Irish Terrier

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