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Sealyham terrier
Inglaterra FCI 74 . Small sized Terriers.

Sealyham Terrier

The white color of the Sealyham terrier was selected so that the Hounds would easily distinguish him from the prey.



Its origins and history are better known than those of most other terrier breeds..
Captain Tucker-Edwards, who lived on his Sealy Ham estate in Pembrokeshire / Wales, He began in the mid-19th century to create a breed that fit his ideas of a dog suitable for hunting badgers., otters and martens. But, It has never been clear which races were actually involved in creating the Sealyham. The Dandie Dinmont Terrier, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the Bullterrier and the Fox Terrier were probably used to obtain the desired sharp hunting dog, bold, callous and brave.
After the Captain's death in 1891, her daughter and her friends continued the upbringing. In 1910 the breed was admitted to the championship exhibitions and was therefore recognized as a breed. Soon these vital and intrepid Welsh terriers made a great impression and demand increased..

Whatever the exact breed mix, the captain had admirable success, creating a fearless and hard-working hunter who was also a charming companion by the fire. The years between the world wars were the heyday of the breed in America. The Sealys they won the Westminster Best Dog Show award three times this time, among them was the most famous show dog of the Prohibition era, a Sealy called bootlegger. Its high profile was bolstered by A-list Hollywood owners like Humphrey Bogart, Gary Cooper y Cary Grant.

The popularity of Sealyham terrier among pet owners has declined since those heady days, considering the many qualities of the breed. “They might be one of dogs' best kept secrets.”, says a lover of Sealyham terrier. The breed today is slightly larger and more affable than the feisty terriers first bred by Captain Edwardes.. Their kindness is very useful as therapists in nursing homes and children's hospitals..

Physical characteristics

With less than 31 cm. (12 inches) on the shoulder and an approximate weight of 9 kg (24 pounds) , the Sealyham terrier they are not big enough to be considered medium sized dogs, but they are among the strongest and most substantial small dogs.

One Sealyham terrier typical is well muscled, shapely, with long and determined steps. Waterproof coat is predominantly white, and her long and wide head is provided with luxurious facial hair. Despite its reputation for being the grossest among short-legged terriers, these terriers are cute, funny, affectionate, outgoing and trainable, although a little stubborn. His attention and his big dog bark make the Sealys excellent guard dogs. Blessed with an adaptable nature, the Sealys are willing to live in the city or in the country.

Character and skills

The Sealies they are the typical terriers, since they are self-confident and curious. But, they are softer and less noisy than other terrier breeds, which makes it easier to live with them.

The Sealies they are outgoing and friendly, but alert. They tend to be reserved with strangers and are excellent guard dogs with an impressive bark. They respond well to positive training techniques and learn quickly, but their sense of humor often results in adding a smart twist to any command they are asked to perform., especially if they have an audience.

These are proud dogs who will consider themselves full and equal members of the family and expect to be treated that way..

Like every dog, the Sealies need early socialization – exposure to many people, views, different sounds and experiences – when they are young. Socializing helps ensure that your Sealyham Terrier puppy grows up to be a complete dog..

Health “Sealyham terrier”

The Sealyham Terriers have no significant health problems. But, as with any dog, there are some conditions and diseases that Sealyhams could be prone, such as lens dislocation and retinal dysplasia.

Lens dislocation. The lens of the eye can move when the supporting ligament is damaged. Can sometimes be treated with medication or surgery, but in severe cases it may be necessary to remove the eye.
Retinal dysplasia. It is a malformation of the development of the retina with which the dog is born. Most cases are mild and there is no noticeable loss of vision. Veterinary ophthalmologists can do tests to determine if puppies are affected when they have 7 to 12 weeks of age. Retinal dysplasia should not affect a dog's ability to function as a companion, but the Sealyhams affected should not be bred.
Although these ailments are rarely reported in Sealyham Terriers, you should research breeders and find those who do the proper testing at your kennel to make sure you get the healthiest dog possible.

Caution “Sealyham terrier”

The small size and robust construction of the Sealyham terrier make it a good choice for city or country dwellers. It is relatively idle indoors and can adapt to life without a patio, as long as you have walked daily. If you have a patio, must be fenced to avoid chasing other animals or going hunting.

The Sealyhams they are quite discreet, They're not here “busy” like most terriers. Due to its size, their loyalty to their families and their preference for cool temperatures, they perform better as domestic dogs.

Like most terriers, to the Sealies they like to dig and bark. This dog is an independent thinker and requires firm and consistent handling., but responds well to training with positive reinforcement techniques like food rewards, praise and play.

Sometimes the Sealies can be difficult to train at home, but patience and a regular schedule generally brings success.

Grooming “Sealyham terrier”

The Terriers de Sealyham have medium length and weather resistant double coats. The undercoat is dense and soft, while the top layer is hard and lean. The hair around the face and muzzle is very long, compared to the rest of the coat. The Sealyham they are all white, although some have lemon marks, brown or badger on the head and ears.

To look good, the Sealyham Terriers they should be brushed three times a week to prevent tangles from forming on the long hair of the head, legs and chest. Brushing by hand – plucking off dead hair to stimulate new hair growth – maintains correct hard coat texture, but this can be a laborious process.

Many pet owners choose to cut their dog's hair. The downside is that the coat becomes much softer and can shed more than just bare fur, that comes off only slightly. You can learn how to trim your Sealy yourself or you can take it to a professional hairdresser.

Other grooming needs are dental hygiene and nail care.. Brush your teeth Sealyham at least two to three times a week to eliminate tartar buildup and accompanying bacteria. Daily is better.

Cut her nails once or twice a month, as necessary. If you can hear the click of nails on the ground, they are too long. Short nails keep your feet in good shape and won't scratch your legs when the Sealyham jump to greet you.

Start getting used to your Sealyham terrier to have it brushed and examined when it's a puppy. Handle your feet frequently – dogs are sensitive to their feet – and look inside your mouth and your ears.

Make grooming a positive experience full of praise and rewards, and will lay the groundwork to facilitate veterinary examinations and other manipulations as an adult.

Characteristics "Sealyham terrier"

Coexistence is important that you have with your new friend. Before considering the acquisition of a dog of the breed "Sealyham terrier" you know certain factors. Not all breeds of dogs are apt to live in an apartment, you must take into account his character, their need for exercise, their interaction with other pets, their care and if you have small children, their level of tolerance towards them.

Adaptation ⓘ

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friendly dog ​​ⓘ

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hair loss ⓘ

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Affection level ⓘ

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Need for exercise ⓘ

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Social need ⓘ

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Home ⓘ

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Toilet ⓘ

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Friendly with strangers ⓘ

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barking ⓘ

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Health ⓘ

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Territorial ⓘ

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Cat friendly ⓘ

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Intelligence ⓘ

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Versatility ⓘ

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Child friendly ⓘ

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Surveillance ⓘ

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joy ⓘ

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Images "Sealyham terrier"


1 – close up photograph of a Sealyham Terrier by Chuck in MA / CC BY-SA
2 – Sealyham Terrier bitch Alice von der Löwenburg by Dr. Sabine Schumann / Public domain
3 – Sealyham_terrier at the national show in Rybnik – Stone to Pleple2000 / CC BY-SA
4 – A Sealyham Terrier (Six-Pack Snuffy Smith) in forest by https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Ionwind
5 – Sealyham terrier – Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, New York City. by Pets Adviser from Brooklyn, USA /
6 – Sealyham terrier – Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, New York City. by Pets Adviser from Brooklyn, USA /

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Type and recognitions:

  • Group 3: Terriers
  • Section 2: Small sized Terriers. Without working trial..


  • FCI – Terriers 2 Small sized Terriers.
  • AKC – Terriers
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FCI breed standard "Sealyham terrier"

FCIFCI - Sealyham terrier

Alternative names:

1. Welsh Border Terrier, Cowley Terrier (English).
2. Sealyham (French).
3. Sealyham (German).
4. Sealyham (Portuguese).
5. Sealyham (español).

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