Manchester Terrier
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Manchester Terrier

The Manchester Terrier is a slender dog, light, athletic and very refined lines.

The Manchester Terrier is a dog of English origin, seems a reduced form of the Doberman Pinscher Although it does not have any bond of blood with this breed.

The Manchester Terrier could be defined as the modern version of a Hunter dog of mice called 'Old Black and Tan Terrier', It was very popular during the 19th century in the cities of the North-West of England, where - apparently- lived for several centuries.

Other flows say it also has blood of the Whippet What gives its aerodynamic appearance with refined lines and much agility.

In the beginning, the Manchester Terrier was a dog specializing in hunt for rats and rabbits in urban contests, but with the prohibition of these competitions, the Manchester Terrier went on to become a useful driver of varmints to who lived in the field and, later, Pet company.

But Manchester Terrier since its inception has been townsman, not descended – like other Terrier- field dogs, but that comes from urban dogs whose function was to put an end to the own city vermin: the rat.

While his presence in the world of canine competitions is not the same as old, Now you can enjoy these dogs in certain competitions.

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Manchester Terrier began to be called as such in the year 1897 (20 years after its creation).

It was created at the height of the competitions that consisted of killing the largest number of rats, and the race became known as a champion in this discipline. With the prohibition of this practice, the Manchester Terrier is suffering a first blow makes it down the number of copies and the popularity of the breed.

Later he suffered another bump with the prohibition of amputate the ears of dogs (1898). Manchester Terrier with the ears without amputation was an aspect that, According to their owners was not consistent with his behaviour and physical power. This Manchester Terrier began to be increasingly less popularity.

The third coup led in the World War II, during the race nearly extinct, leaving only 11 copies across England.

The race begins to recover when a group of enthusiasts decided to form a club to promote the popularity of the Manchester Terrier, Although only used in exhibitions or as pet.

Group 3 / Section 1 – Large and medium-sized Terrier.

Dogs breeds: Manchester Terrier

Physical characteristics

The Manchester Terrier is a dog of compact appearance, elegant, solid and well structured.

The height in the males is of approximately, 41 cm. and in the females of 38 cm.. The weight is proportional to the height.
Its skull is long, flat and narrow, with a conical shape.

It has oval-shaped eyes are very bright, small and dark. It has ears of high insertion, small and in the form of 'V' leading upright and folded the ends on the front.

It has short modification and the lomo compact, rounded. The limbs are straight and proportionate to the size of the body.

The tail is not very long, It is thick in the inclusion and is tuned toward the tip, It should never exceed the dorsal line.

It has a layer of shiny hair, glossy, well bushy, smooth, short and very soft to the touch. The color is solid black with bronze spots (Dark mahogany).


In the United States are maiming ears. This practice was common in England before the Decree of the Prince of Wales to, in the year 1898 banned all amputations.

Due to the entry into force of this Decree, the Manchester Terrier breed lost popularity so much that was on the verge of extinction.

Unfortunately, despite all efforts of loving breeders of this breed, Apart from then, the recovery of the breed… was only partial.

Character and skills

By having an urban origin, the Manchester Terrier It is an ideal dog for life in a small flat in city. It is a very nice dog that adapts effortlessly to the home life, over all if leave you a hole in the bed or the couch.

It will be fully happy, If in addition to the overstuffed couch take it to give rides to open field, because it will give rein to their Hunter instincts and become mad with joy chasing mice, Crickets, lizards…, and all small shabby crossing on their way.

The Terrier, It is the most suitable to live in an apartment, does not lose hair practically, and by instinct is a clean dog. Learn fast, and in addition fond of children.

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