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Posted by tiadoc | 17 April 2011

- Siberian Husky - Estados Unidos FCI 270

Alaskan Husky - Autor de la foto: siva_lovehorses (flickr).

The Alaskan Husky

is an athletic dog and generally, healthy.

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The Alaskan husky It is not so much a breed of dog as a type or category of dog. There are no fixed characteristics of pedigree, but rather for the purpose, It is to be a very efficient sled dog.

The origin of this dog is in Alaska and Canada. These fully domesticated dogs came thousands of years ago. Today, the Alaska sled dogs may be crossing, type Husky, or a combination of several. They also vary in size and Constitution based on the use of the dog, to compete or work.

Sled drivers usually distinguish between Alaskan husky and crossing of races, in an informal way, so it is possible that the Alaskan husky has a degree of appearance of dog of the North.

Most of the Alaskan husky have pointy ears, qualifying, in fact, as spitz type dogs.

There are some specializations within this type, as the Mackenzie River Husky or the MALAMUTE, the sprint as the Eurohound Alaskan, or distance. It must be borne in mind that in sledge racing championships, These dogs can come with loaded sledges to the 30 km/h and runs for three days at a rate of between 30 to 50 km daily. The Alaskan are valued by its hardness and resistance. They earn an average speed of 31 km/h.

Otros nombres: Siberian Husky o Husky Siberiano

Physical characteristics

The Alaskan Husky (at least those that are used to speed racing) are of moderate size, with an average 21 to 25 kg for males and 17 to 19 kg for females.

The eyes may be any color, many are blue. Blue eyes are not considered to be an essential feature of this breed. The fur has two layers, short hair and of medium length, Although not much, and usually less dense than pure breed of the North, the length of the shortest layer is governed by the need for an effective heat dissipation during races.

Alaska Husky that a Athletic dog and generally, healthy. Their life expectancy is usually between 10 to 15 years.

Character and skills

They tend to vary greatly in personality both in colour and appearance.

However, in general terms, the Alaskan Husky is a very affectionate dog, to live with other dogs and humans.

These dogs they are not suited to a lifestyle of urban apartments, that they need a constant source of exercise, and because of its incredible resistance, It seems that they never tire. It is an adventurous and tends to be very quiet in the car rides. These dogs are happy to live outside or inside the home of its owners, But if he leaves out, It is not recommended if you have a perfect lawn, are amateur digging wells

The Alaskan Husky hair tends to be auto - clean up like an Alaskan Malamute or Siberian Husky, which is why they need less frequent baths, In addition, they do not usually smell. They have a season of hair shedding in the spring and, Unlike the Siberian, German shepherds or Malamutes, they may not leave large quantities of hair around the House all year round.

There are no impossible obstacles for Alaskan Husky, that they tend to go up to almost two metres away the sitting position. Although swimming is not your Forte, they tend to show any resistance or fear of the water and you can train and motivate them to make them good swimmers. The Alaskan usually have very good vision and sense of smell. Which makes them very good hunters.

Alaskan Husky images

Dogs breeds: Alaskan Husky

Group 5 / Section 1 – Nordic sled dogs

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  1. lagman says:

    This cao and gorgeous practically and a wolf from Alaska

  2. Helga says:

    I like these animals would have the dearest one ,repel men Zm(Grins)

  3. provisions says:

    Helga, because the Nordic are very friendly towards everyone, I recommend another type of dog for.

    RIP mein Alaskaner Snoopy. He lived by the labor input into old age a second life as a pensioner with me.

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