Afghan Hound
Afghanistan FCI 228

Afghan Hound

Arrogant and secretive behavior, especially with strangers

History of Afghan Hound:

Also known as Afghan hound or Tazi It is a dog from Afghanistan.

The origin of this breed it is possible that you are in the race Saluki, I would have come to Afghanistan through Persia. In Afghanistan, the Saluki need a more appropriate coat for the hostile climate of the mountains of this country, developing the long coat which characterizes the current Afghan hound. Today, their fur seduce their owners, regardless you need very special care.

The origin of the Afghan Hound is ancient, with the first records approximately in the year 1000 -. C., in the area where is currently Afghanistan. Used as a hunting dog.

The antiquity of this race is to define, but the earliest records date from the 19th century. This does not mean they did not exist before, but that Afghan nomads didn't bother in the race record for writing. The first illustration made out of an Afghan Hound is year-round 1813. This breed arrived in England in 1920 and didn't succeed, It is recognized by the British Kennel Club only six years later.

In the year 1880, When he ended the war between Afghans and British, the officers of the British army took home some of these dogs, whose characteristics as hunting dogs in the harsh conditions of the Afghan mountains, they had drawn their attention.

In Europe, Afghan Greyhound has maintained its natural as dog and hunting activity, task that was already in its land of origin.

Also, Thanks to its elegant appearance, agility and speed, It has become dog race and company.

In the beginning, the Afghan hound He was employed to chase prey of all kinds in the mountains of Afghanistan, such as hares, foxes, Gazelles, jackals, Wolves, Deer, and even, ptarmigan leopards (It is the only big cat who lives exclusively in high mountains and is perfectly adapted to this environment).

Another function of Afghan Hound He was monitoring the camps of nomadic tribes and livestock, functions that, along with those related to hunting, This race gave a huge popularity among the nomads of Afghanistan (They even reserved a day of festivities dedicated to the Afghan Hound, which engalanaban them with necklaces of flowers).

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