Spaniel American Cocker

Cocker Spaniel Americano

The Spaniel American Cocker (In English, American Cocker Spaniel) It is a breed of dog from United States, originating from the Cocker Spaniel brought from Britain around 1800. From the age 1930, the American variety came to be so different from the British which was considered, officially, a different breed in 1946.

The name Cocker commonly holds that it comes from the fact that the race was used in the hunting of Woodcock (Woodcock: The size of a Partridge shorebird) in England, but it was subsequently used to find a great variety of birds.

In United States the race is officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as “Cocker Spaniel”. Outside United States, It is designated as a Cocker Spaniel American or American Cocker, because the race was created from the English Cocker Spaniel.

The 20 in June of 1936 a group of fans of the English Spaniel Cocker met at the home of E. Shippen, close to Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania and formed a special for the English Cocker Spaniel club, called the “Club of the Cocker Spaniel English of United States” (English Cocker Spaniel Club of America or ECSCA). Subsequent to that meeting, the AKC recognized the variety “English” and people began to import to the Cocker United States reared in England most frequently.

Towards 1938, 24 Cocker had finished their Championships for the English category, but six of them were United States-bred Cocker, and only one of these had an ancestor born in England in the first five generations of his pedigree. The scoring system allowed them to gain an advantage to be submitted in English category.

That same year, the Board of Directors of the ECSCA met at Giralda farms (Giralda Farms), in Madison, New Jersey, and Geraldine Dodge introduced the motion for, English Cocker Spaniel dog owners, as policy and requirement to be members of the ECSCA, they were not allowed to raise dogs of the American type (American). There was also resolved to object to the display of the American variety in the English category and was defined as English Cocker Spaniel to the “dog or bitch of the Cocker Spaniel breed whose pedigree can be traced in all lines to dogs or bitches that were recorded in the English Kennel Club (or eligible for export) on or before the 1 in January, 1930”.

The popularity of the American variety flourished over the years 40 and fans of the English Cocker Spaniel turned account requiring an own record book, It recognized as a separate breed Cocker Spaniel English. Dodge initiated work to identify the Pedigrees outward, not only United States but also in England and Canada. The project was carried out by Josephine Z. Rine, a curator of art and former editor of “Popular Dogs”.

Accomplished the task, Dodge then began the process with the AKC and in June of 1946, the English Cocker Spaniel was officially recognized by the AKC as different from the American Cocker Spaniel breed.

The American Cocker Spaniel has been a popular breed since the years 40, occupying the highest place in numbers in the records of the AKC, from 1940 to 1952. The breed declined somewhat in popularity, Although the number of registrations increased between 1984 to 1990. Since then, its popularity has been declining, so that the 2003 He was the fourteenth place in the records of the AKC and the fifteenth in the 2004.

The popularity of the Cocker Spaniel American increased reproduction irresponsible, in an attempt to respond to the demand. The results have included fearful or aggressive behavior in some specimens. Responsible breeders have worked diligently to remove these negative features, While they try to educate the public about responsible parenting.

Although it was originally a hunting dog, the Cocker Spaniel American now plays the role of a domestic animal or dog exhibition and, Unlike the English Cocker Spaniel, rarely seen hunting. Anyway, existing certain variants breed for work in field, and a small movement works to preserve this breed hunting skills.
The American Cocker Spaniel is a breed of drooping ears, Therefore it is recommended to maintain the cut hair on both sides of the ear, because it helps to reduce the risk of ear infections by bacteria, injury or parasites.

The Cocker Spaniel American females weigh on average of 9 to 12 kg and have a size of 34 to 36 cm., While males weigh in 10 to 13 kg and measure of 37 to 39 cm..

Their coat is silky and flat or slightly wavy texture. Short and fine on the head and the rest of the body of average length, with abundant subpelo. They have fringes on the ears, chest, abdomen and the rear of the extremities…

The Cocker are divided into three standard varieties of color:


Black:includes solid black and white with color fire extremities marks. The black should be Jet, Although it is possible to have some few white hairs on the chest and throat.ASCOB or Any Solid Color Other than Black: namely, any solid color with the exception of the black.

Unicolor: It includes from the cream to dark red colour.

Various colors (Pluricolores): two or three well-defined United colors, which one is white.

Color fire marks: These vary from the cream light to dark red and should cover no more than 10% the body of the animal, in the following way:

  • A small spot round above the eyes, for example.
  • Under the tail.
  • Marks on the sides of the nose and cheeks.
  • Eventually on the chest.
  • Bottom of the ears.
  • On four legs.

The American Cocker Spaniel are susceptible to various diseases, particularly infections affecting their ears and, in some cases, his eyes. As a result, they may require more care than other breeds.

The common problems of the eye at the American Cocker Spaniel include progressive retinal atrophy, glaucoma, and cataracts. The AKC recommends annual reviews of the eye by a veterinary ophthalmologist for all dogs used for breeding. Autoimmune diseases that may occur this breed include autoimmune hemolytic anemia and inflammations of the ear. Less common are the dislocations of patella and hip dysplasia.

The American Cocker Spaniel are typically playful dogs, confident and intelligent. They tend to be dogs “soft”, they are not compatible with rough or harsh training.

His ideal temperament is happy and restless, without shyness.

Spaniel American Cocker

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