Field Spaniel

Field Spaniel

The Field Spaniel is a breed of dog, medium-sized, originally from England. It is one of the Spaniel can serve as hunting dogs.

It is a race of ancient lineage, which is related with the Cocker Spaniel, with which it shares a common origin. In 1892 both varieties separated, becoming different races.

They were the first Spaniel bred especially for exhibitions. In fact, were developed in contemporary form came into vogue of show.

Shortly after its introduction, It became a success and quickly became a popular breed. Like most of the Spaniel, It began as a race with a colour base and touches of white, However, breeders sought to create a solid black dog.

The focus of this breed in show breeders led to the rapid extinction of the original Field Spaniel. The dogs were crossed with Sussex Spaniel and Basset Hound to produce copies of short legs and long body that, as a result led to the enormous health problems in these. Just when the Field Spaniel became the star of the show world, they began to emerge many genetic problems.

On the verge of extinction-reach, breeders began work to restore the Field Spaniel to its former glory. To that end, He crossed with the English Springer Spaniel, under the supervision of the English Kennel Club, to increase their gene pool. Even though the Field Spaniel was restored to normal, has never reached the same level of popularity that came to hold and, currently, It remains a rare breed. Anyway, so it is considered more often in the circles of the exhibition, and in the field, as a hunting companion.

The current specifications of the breed can be traced back to 1948, When the Field Spaniel Society of the United Kingdom was reformed and settled the new standard for the Field Spaniel.

The Field Spaniel is a medium-dog, silky hair, not very long and drooping ears, It requires regular care.
Females have an approximate size of 43 cm., While the males measure approximately 45 cm.. Its approximate weight varies from 23 - 30 kg.

They have rounded skull and long, thin snout; with a long, muscular neck. The eyes are round and Pacific way. Dark brown. It has long and wide ears. The tail is usually cut.

The coat is silky texture, long and flat. Abundant chest, belly and on the back of the extremities.
The usual colors are: black, liver (reddish-brown dark) or ruano. They may have some shade or color fire marks.

The Field Spaniel, like other Spaniel, they are hunting dogs, Although they can be good pets. They are active and docile dogs, very attached to their masters and may even be somewhat possessive with them.

Field Spaniel

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