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Posted by tiadoc | 7 August 2011

- Brasil FCI 225

Mastín Brasilero

The Brazilian Mastiff with their masters and the family is docile, obedient and tolerant with children.

The Row Brazilian (also known as: Fila Brasileiro, Cão of row and Cabeçudo Boiadeiro or Brazilian Mastiff) It is a breed of dog of Brazil of large and imposing appearance. For his temper, He is considered one of the best guardian.

This breed was created from the old Bulldog cross (aggressive temperament), English Mastiff (body strength and vigour to bite) and of the Bloodhound (large capacity of smell to track).

Otros nombres: Fila Brasileño / Cão de Fila / Cabeçudo Boiadeiro / Mastín Brasilero.

Group 2 / Section 2 – molosoides and mountain dogs.

Dogs breeds: Brazilian Mastiff

Read all about the race by clicking on: Fila Brasileiro.

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