Český fousek
República Checa FCI 245

Cesky Fousek

The Český fousek (in Czech: Český Fousek) It is a dog of Czech origin, defined as a breed of versatile.

Cesky Fousek was used in the creation of the Slovak hair Áspero Pointer.

The authors who have written about race, they say that the Cesky Fousek is a very old dog, Despite the rules of the standard were written and officially settled for the first time, in the 19th century. The breed nearly became extinct in the Decade of 1920, and he was saved thanks to the development of breeding with dogs Stichelhaar.

It has hard hair and, like all races of wire-haired, has beard and whiskers. There is a great difference in size between the bitches and dogs in this breed.

It is a medium-sized dog, males have a height 60 - 66 cm., and females 58 - 62 cm., to the cross. The weight is placed in 28 - 34 kg in males and 22 - 28 kg in females.

It is able to adapt and hunt in any type of terrain. It can be used for hunting waterfowl and mountain.

It is a fantastic family dog, and an excellent hunting dog.

Český fousek

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